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    The official TV Series/Show Thread

    Since we have an Official Movie thread, I figured why not have a TV Series/Show thread...? Rate TV Shows/Series you have watched recently or in the past so that others may share in your finds.

    Castle (ABC)
    An accomplished writer has hit writers block when a murder takes a page directly from one of his books and commits a copycat murder. Rick Castle is brought in to help Detective Kate Beckett with the investigation, and ultimately becomes part of her team, helping her investigate new murders and catch other criminals.

    Nathan Fillion plays Rick Castle and is one of the best actors out there, IMHO. If you've ever seen the series "Firefly," he acts in much the same manor, except he doesn't really get a gun in this series. For those who haven't seen Firefly, he's a witty, smart-***, but is quite good with people and loves his family. Fillion does an amazing job playing Castle.

    Stana Katic plays Detective Kate Beckett. She's a hard nosed, balls to the wall detective who always wants to get her man/woman/killer-person. Stana embodies this in Beckett, right down to the determination in her eyes. She also does an amazing job with her character.

    Put these two together, and you get a steamy, witty, sarcasm-filled dialog that's funny yet not too funny. The episode stories are quite well written and don't leave much out. There is some stuff left to the imagination, but you will never really find yourself wondering what happened at a certain moment or to a certain person.


    The Legend of the Seeker (several networks, primarily USA)
    Based off the "Sword of Truth" fantasy books by Terry Goodkind, Richard Cypher finds out he is the first Seeker of Truth in a long time (1,000 years I believe). He meets Kahlan Amnell, a powerful Confessor, and the wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, both of whom help him on his journey to defeat Darken Rahl.

    Craig Horner plays Richard Cypher quite well. He's not a superstar actor, but he holds his own. He's quite good at swordplay, and some women find him quite attractive.

    Bridget Regan plays Kahlan Amnell and is on par with Craig Horner in terms of acting. Bridget is also quite adept at fighting and quite a looker.

    Bruce Spence plays Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, and is probably the most well known and most experienced actor of the three. He's an old wizard whose been around the block, and knows his stuff. Spence brings that to the forefront in his portrayal of Zed, and does a very good job.

    With all three of them together, you get a Frodo/Sam/Gandalf type of feel, but a bit different at the same time. They have their own dynamic and work well together. As actors, they each play well off each other. Not to mention that Kahlan and Richard have the hots for each other (though Sam and Frodo might have too...?)

    Sometimes the episode stories leave something to be desired, but for the most part this is a good fantasy series to watch if you are into that sort of thing. The bad part, it's on later on Sunday nights (11:30 or so, if they don't change the timeslot). Season 2 starts in November, but you can catch all of season 1 on Hulu.


    More to come later...

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    Okay... I was gonna bring this up in a separate thread, but I may as well dump it here. This falls under the 'WHY do I WATCH this show?!?' catagory.
    Monsters inside me.
    Last one I watched was about the brain eating amobas, found in the lake outside behind the backyard of the house the kid was living in.
    And apparently these things are nearly EVERYWHERE, but that it depends on the temprature of the lake that makes them switch from cysts to amoebas.
    The things literally ate their way from his nose to his brain, and he ended up dying because of it.

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    Woah, that sounds pretty interesting... What channel is it on?

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    Do tv shows that are no longer running count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonUnit View Post
    Do tv shows that are no longer running count?


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    ME ME ME!!!

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Come on, it wouldn't be a TV show thread without this! lol

    Starring: William Petersen (or did, until he just quit), Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan (no more, he got in trouble in real life ), George Eads, Jorja Fox (she quit), Eric Szmanda, Laurel Lee Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Paul Guilfoyle, Robert David Hall, and Wallace Langham

    Whew, that was a big cast to type! Okay, keep in mind there are 3 series of CSI, and more are probably in our future. This particular one is the original and main one, and in my opinion, the best. It's the one that takes place in Las Vegas.

    Follow a team of forensic scientists as they uncover clues to determine who committed various crimes from murder to drug abuse to sexual assault. You name it, they've done it.

    The show will be starting its 10th season next month (or so I've heard), but due to three of the original stars resigning, I bet it won't last much longer. But it's lasted a good 10 years. It's had its share of good and bad episodes, some with comedy in them, some that will make you cry (trust me, I know).

    Note that a lot of the gadgets they use in this show have been confirmed to not exist, but overall this is an awesome series. New episodes are on CBS every Thursday night at 8 CST, 9 EST. Spike TV shows reruns (or at least they did, they haven't lately) and I believe A&E does as well. And of course all 9 seasons are available on DVD.
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    BONES: (Forensic/FBI/murder investigating/dead body exhuming stuff)
    Love the show. Character interplay is awesome, content and plotlines usually fairly riveting. 9.47/10.

    LEVERAGE: (Thieves/con artist/criminal-but-good-hearted-type gang gets revenge for the little guy kind of malarkey)
    Cute. Not big on the plotlines, but...well, kinda cute character interplay. 7.24/10.

    FRINGE: (Sci-fi/supernatural/weird-crime-investigating scientist/genius/detective stuff, vaguely reminiscent of the X-Files)
    Neat. Similar in many ways to Bones, though the main female character is a bit too bleak and angsty for my taste. Good plotlines. I'd give it an 8.36/10.

    Yeah, I didn't say much about the shows' themes. That can be looked up for those interested.

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    Taking a page out of MV's book...

    Star Trek: The Original Series
    Even though this was made in the late 60's, TOS was probably my favorite Star Trek series. It wasn't about the special effects, expensive sets, etc. It was about the characters, their development, their stories, their friendship, and a morality lesson to the people of the time. Gene Roddenberry was a very smart man, casting a black female, and a "Russian" as "major" roles. TOS also had the first inter-racial kiss ever televised.

    Some plots/episodes were cheesy, but for the most part they were quite good. I don't think another ST series really came close to the original. 9/10

    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Running from the mid 80's to early 90's, TNG was the second ST series to reach TV. Running 7 season instead of TOS's 3, the character progression and story lines became better, wider, longer. You see many people come and go, and many of the main cast develop into the respected characters we know today. If you are into Sci-Fi, this is the second ST series I suggest you watch. 8/10

    Star Trek: Voyager
    Behind Enterprise, this is probably the most criticized ST series out there. I honestly am not quite sure why; sure there are times where it feels more like a soap opera than Sci-Fi, but that's what I liked about it. Voyager had a strong female captain who would do (and did) anything to get her crew home. The story lines can get a little in depth at times, reaching across multiple episodes, but I think that adds to it's appeal. Character progression and development goes throughout the entire series, and I was sad to see it end after a 7 year run. 7.5/10

    ST: Deep Space 9, ST: Enterprise
    ST:DS9 is considered by some to be the best of the ST series. Personally, I didn't like it a lot, so I didn't watch it. ST: Enterprise is considered to be the worst of the ST series, but I liked the episodes I saw. I am not going to give judgments on either of these, as I haven't seen enough of either. But I do suggest that if you like Star Trek, or Sci-Fi, check them out ;)

    This show came from Gene Roddenberry just before he died (iirc, he passed before the first episode aired), but it is an amazing series. A bit hard to follow at times, but good stories, plot lines, sub plots, etc. I haven't watched it in a while, but the character development left a bit to be desired. I liked the show a lot, though there were some empty spaces I felt could have been explained a bit better. 7/10

    Sadly, this amazing Sci-Fi meets western series only ran for 1 season of 14 episodes. They later made a movie out of it (Serenity) which was good, but I want my firefly back! It was a series full of wise-cracks, witty quips, gun slinging, and fun had by all. The actors did a fantastic job with their characters, who developed quite a lot during the 14 episodes. Obviously it leaves things unanswered (Serenity answers some of them, though), but it wasn't designed that way and ended abruptly. If you're looking for a good Sci-Fi that you will get some good laughs with, this is it. My fiance likes this series, and she hates Sci-Fi. It's not just for geeks anymore ;) 8/10

    That takes care of a lot of Sci-Fi ones for me, which is most of what I watch :P

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    I watch House, CSI (all three) and we're watching the DVD's of Star Trek ToS now. Already finished NG, Voyager and DS9. Enterprise will follow after ToS.

    Other than that, I've no idea what tv shows are "hot" at this moment...
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    The Big Bang Theory
    Star Wars: Clone Wars
    The IT Crowd
    Top Gear
    Doctor Who
    Life on Mars
    Ashes to Ashes

    Some of my favourite series atm, and which I try to watch whenever there's a new episode out.

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