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    Comedy Central has started airing Bored to Death in Holland, but apparently that show got cancelled already. There's some clever writing in the show, and Ted Danson really steals the show as a pot head magazine editor with a serious drinking problem. But Jonathan Ames is consistently annoying as a main character through out the series. This seems to be one of those American shows where they figured out that boobs are awesome. But contrary to Californication, the show lacks convincing likable characters, and lacks a real edge like Californication has. Yes, the nudity is nice. But if its only there for fan service then thats a bit shallow.

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    To be honest, Felicia Day kind of annoys me in general. It's not REALLY her, it's more the Internet obsession with her and, therefore, her by proxy.

    I watched a couple of episodes of Californication with my roommates over the summer. That show is way too much drama for me.
    Yes, Bored to Death was cancelled. I believe there was some outrage over this because it was a pretty well-liked show.

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    Oh God, that Sherlock finale.

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    Person of Interest continues to improve, which is saying a lot for a series that started off pretty well. The characters, the tone, the plot device that drives the show's main mechanic... all great. What's even better is that my fiancée actually likes it, too, which doesn't always happen with my taste in shows. (i.e., she said she'd watch the pilot for The Walking Dead, but I don't feel confident that she'll like it... the setting & frequent gore may be too much of a downer)

    There must there a legit place for we Amurricans to watch the new Sherlock, sherly?
    But, seriously ... is there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zalis View Post
    There must there a legit place for we Amurricans to watch the new Sherlock, sherly?
    But, seriously ... is there?
    Nope. It's join the slightly less legal group or suffer from the waiting and spoiler avoidance. I guess translation takes a while...

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    They need to translate it to american first. Like add fighting and sex, and remove some of the plot.
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    Sherlock, the TV series. Narrated by Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. Now with 43% more violence and the killer has a big yellow arrow over his head when you see him to facilitate the story for the American viewers.

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    I actually liked the old black & white Sherlock film that I saw, so more plot & intrigue would be welcome on my tv.

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    Apparently, it's 'Ask and Ye Shallt Receive' day...


    Quote Originally Posted by Eye orders Sony TV's 'Big Shot,' new spin on Sherlock Holmes
    "Elementary," from CBS TV Studios, finds the famed detective now living in New York City. Robert Doherty penned the pilot and exec produces with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Jack View Post
    Apparently, it's 'Ask and Ye Shallt Receive' day...
    While we're at it, I'd like more Firefly and Stargate Universe. And a pony. No, not one of those ponies.

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