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Thread: Aoi's Art

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    Some Pictures that im unsure if should become a permanent addition to the gallery, if anyone has throughts on that issue or ideas for changes they are welcome to share them.

    Ni Hao, Starring Shimamiya, by Aoi

    Steam Forge, starring Erith, by Aoi

    Skyscrapers, by Aoi
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    Were did you take the last one? I don't think i've killed anything there yet.

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    The Skyscraper one? Thatone is taken in one of the many wonderfull nooks and crannies in Sorrows furnace, though often overlooked as so many places and sceneries are.

    So many people go through GW without taking the time to stop and look around, and therefore miss alot of beautifull sites.

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    I Need Help! From one of the mods, i have reached a maximum limit of pictures in the very first post in this thread and i would like to ask if this post could be moved up as post no 2 so that there would be some continuity in the gallery?
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    I was able to copy/paste the picture into your first post for you.
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    Thanks, every time i tried one of the other pictures disapeared, did you do anything specific? Might have been a fluke of some kind...

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    Nothing special, just a copy/paste job.
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    For some reason i cant see Wonderland and corsair isnt showing up either, id really like this fixed or have a post moved up-thread so i can post pictures.
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    new content coming soon i hope, also i couldnt find this thread unless directly linked so had to bump, sorry

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