I Have All The Expansions Ive beaten all but EoTn (cant figure out what to do). Im looking for a guild that Does FoW HM Regularly. I use to GvG Alot but i havent done it in awhile. i have been playing since GW first Started.

List of Chars:

Unreal Newbi I - Lvl 20 Para
S X Y Healer- Lvl 20 Monk i can run pretty much anything
Warmaster John- Lvl 20 War i can tank FoW hm or NM.
Katahl Dragonsbane- lvl 18 Sin i have all but a few of the sin Elites i plan on making him just a perma
Avatar Of John- Lvl 20 Derv runner
Unreal Scout- Lvl 20 Ranger
Leet Ele Caster- Lvl 20 Ele mostly Air and Earth
Open Slot - PVP only name is always Unreal Newbi

I Also use to HA alot i have R3 Mighty Hero Friend of the Kurz R3 but Faction Doesnt Matter to me. i also have Gladiator R1

MSG me either on this or in Game. im usually on 8am-4pm 11pm-3am