For starters, I'm not actually looking for a guild atm. I'm in a guild that TA's and we have a lot of fun. Basically, I realize a lot of guilds that wanna start GvG have ****ty monks, and are always willing to guest out for monks.

So what I want, is a guild that may need a monk, and if you think I'm alright, I could consistently guest for you.

My experience:
General PvP; On this account (I just started about 2 1/2 weeks ago) I have about 50 glad points already. I have one other account that was like 10 pts away from glad3.
As far as GvG goes, I've been in probably in a few hundred matches. I'm no pro by any means, but by observing, and reading a **** ton; I would consider myself a competent player.
I use to GvG a bit with a rank 300 guild about a year ago called Diablo Three [III] That lasted about a month and then I quit the guild and the game (and that account) because of elitism.

I'm really just looking for more GvG experience, because my view is that until you are a rank 50 guild or higher, you are still learning. I just want to learn and get better.

If you are interested in having me guest, and testing me out a bit contact me in-game. Name is 'Axe Whatever'

Can also play Para/Ranger/PB Mes/Warrior (of course) and ele (who can't). I have access to all skills, have all main skills for monk. And I generally like to keep 5k Balth pts. banked so I can run most builds.