I'm Kiwi and my friend is American. We are in a guild now, but not much happens, plus it was some guild that got me on my 3rd day in GW, and I honestly didn't know what I was doing. They are nice enough ppl, but hardly anyone is on during my timezone (I'm in New Zealand) and I'd like to find others to quest with.

Where ever I go, my friend comes with me, so it's 2 for the price of one *winks.

Anyways, my friend and I are close to ascending, we are both mature, pleasant and laid-back people who enjoy pve for now, but at some point, probably after endgame, we want to try pvp. I'm in my thirties, female, employed, no kids, and on every day; he is also. I play a necro/ele, and he plays a ranger/warrior. I also have two other low-level chars that I'll level up once I play through the games.

I've got Prophecies, Factions, and my next purchases will be NF and EoTN. No vent yet, don't really like yapping on mics, but I will if I have to. When I'm not playing GW, I'm reading about GW to play smarter. We both are quick learners, just want to find some nice ppl to play with who won't put us down because we're newish to the game, and will answer our noob questions with patience and humor.

Holler back, my IGN is Domini Rei.