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    Quote Originally Posted by Erasculio View Post
    4) How long does an Asura live? We got some hints on GW:EN that an Asura could live for centuries...
    Ahh one more question
    • Is Vekk still alive?

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    while there are guns in GW2, will we still have the choice of keeping the primitive weapons like bows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raspberry jam View Post
    My questions
    • Will I be able to play a rapier mesmer?

    This, so hard.


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    Will Razah be making a reappearance, and will the Mists have become more understood or are they still the mysterious ether between worlds and time that aren't really that well comprehended?

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    I just want to reiterate rasp's questions, they're all the one's I would ask...
    Quote Originally Posted by raspberry jam View Post
    My questions
    • How important will racial abilities be?
    • Will there be a strong storyline like in the GW1 campaigns?
    • Will there be high-level (following the PvP rules) PUG PvP (like Heroes' Ascent)?
    • Will I be able to play a rapier mesmer?
    Quote Originally Posted by raspberry jam View Post
    Ahh one more question
    • Is Vekk still alive?
    Especially the question about PUG PvP, Racial Abilities, and Vekk.

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    What is the name of the Deep sea dragon and where does he/she reside in Tyria?

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    Are there still going to be instanced worlds, or is there going to be a WoW type world where everyone can interact with each other outside of towns?

    Is there gonna be a unlimited level cap, or just to 100 as I've heard?

    I might have some more questions, but I don't wanna spoil anything for me or anyone who is as excited as I am about GW2.

    Can't wait !.! >.< !.!
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    *will guildhalls have more/better use for players. perhaps with special npc stores or guild quests?

    *are guildhalls going to be instanced or placed around different towns on the persistend map?

    *are there going to be sieges or other forms of pvp to control towns and outposts?

    *can guilds form alliances?

    *when i open my map screen will it be opend up from the start or all faded untill i visit places like it is in GW1?

    *what are the idea's about teleportation/mounts?

    *is crafting done by npc's or players?

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    2nd star to the right

    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    We had ninja's in GW1 (assassins), will they be in GW2?
    Also, there were flying ships in the trailer, will we be able to make a pirate? To my knowledge, there hasn't been a mmo that features battles between ninja's and pirates. This could be a golden opportunity.

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    - Will there be proper third party support for things like tournaments and other events?

    - What do you reckon you've learned from GW1 in terms of management of an online community? And about how to structure a game in general? (Think expansions, major concept decisions etc.)

    - Do you intend to make PvP a strong enough game on it's own for it to be viewed as a competitive game(Esport)?

    All my brain was able to really come up with at this point in time that didn't seem far fetched or unrealistic to get an answer on.

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