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Thread: Infectonator

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    Okay, normally I'm not one to push flash games on people, or any games for that matter, but this one is friggin addictive, and horridly fun to play, I'd say this ranks as one of the best games of the year.


    You infect a group of people, and the resulting zombies run around, eating and infecting others as well.
    You gain cash for the amount of kills, who gets killed, and for special achivements.
    But you only have 60 seconds of gameplay total. The timer starts the second you click to drop your biobomb, and stops the moment you achieve the kill goals.
    Between rounds you have options to upgrade.

    Normally I don't like mochiads, but this allows them to use a leaderboard, which... for some of you, is probably the best thing so you can compare scores.
    Currently some guy has up to 970k. Next best is around 700k.
    My average seems to be in the mid 500k.

    Anyone else?

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    Highest score is 594k for me.

    God damn this stuff is addictive.

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    Blast you for giving me addictive games to play!

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    Addictive games?

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    There is no chance that this game will distract me from

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    Where did the last hour go?
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    so far..

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    yay 733k

    and not as addictive as red remover or fantastic contraption

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringsgold View Post
    fantastic contraption
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    599,900 so far. Not as addictive as I expected. Still fun though.

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