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Thread: Amber running

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    Amber running

    Is running amber actually useful in FA? I have been running amber lately instead of fighting and the gate is always destroyed by the time i get back with amber so i am always repairing the same gate (usually the inner ones). Do the gates actually slow down the other team?

    If it is useful what is a good build? I have been using a dervish with pious haste.
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    You mean Ft. Aspenwood

    Yes, it keeps the doors closed and if all doors are closed makes the time you gotta defend a bit shorter.

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    Kinda depends on your team composition.
    If you have characters that are good at keeping gate NPC's alive or stalling turtles, then running amber that repairs the gates is a good idea.

    But if you on the other hand really only have characters that are good at killing others, then mostly doing so is the best option, given that they are actually somewhat effective at doing so.

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