PHX, Embers of the Flame is currently accepting applications for active new members.

The current incarnation of Embers of the Flame began June 16, 2008. Reborn from the ashes, the guild has been led by Egg Shennn from then on. PHX was a member of the Blade and Rose alliance before leaving to join the GWO alliance on August 23, 2008 where we remain to this day. Our guild hall is on the Isle of the Dead and is fully equipped. We are Kurzick aligned. We are primarily PVE oriented, with a bit of casual PVP now and then as well.

We do not have an age requirement, believing that a person’s maturity is not necessarily determined by age. So members of any age, who show maturity, will be considered. PHX has members of all different skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. The key requirement is being respectful to others. We want everyone to feel at home in a pleasant gaming atmosphere.

We do ask members to say hi and bye when logging in and out (and respond to others doing so as well), as this gets people to know you and form a community bond. A guild and alliances’ strength is their members working together, and to that end we encourage members to offer to help when they are able to.

If this sounds like the type of place you could call home, then we welcome you to apply for membership.

Title the new thread:

Application *Your forum name*
(e.g. My application thread would be titled “Application yobam”)

Include in your post:

Primary Character Name
Region (Americas, EU, Asia-Pacific)
Usual Playtimes

And a short bit about yourself.