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    In Pace Requiescat [RIP] is open for recruiting!

    Hello, and thank you for reading our recruitment thread. We are In Pace Requiescat [RIP], founded in Sept 06. After many disappointing guilds, we decided to create our own guild. Our guild currently resides in the Guild Wars Online alliance, which is a Kurzick-allied alliance. Our guild's main focus is on PvE.

    What we require of our members:

    1. Follow the alliance rules/charter found here and here.

    2. While we have no age requirement, we do ask that you are mature. I have met many 16 year olds that were more mature than some 30 year olds (example ages).

    3. We have no faction requirement. Although it is nice to be the guild with the most faction in the alliance, everyone has agreed that we are not actively going for towns.

    4. We do ask that members be fairly active in game, and in chat. We can't get to know you if you do not chat with others. We do understand that real life takes precedence over the game (we are the parents of 4 children ourselves), so we ask that if you do plan on an extended away (2+ months), that you let someone know.

    5. We do ask that new members give at least a couple weeks before throwing in the towel. Some days may be more active than others, so please give us time to get to know one another.

    6. We would like you to take this questionnaire to better facilitate you in the guild:

    a. How long have you been playing?

    b. What campaigns do you have?

    c. What areas of the game do you like to play (elite missions, general farming, titles, etc.)?

    d. What is your favorite character?

    e. When are you usually on and time zone?

    f. How often do you play?

    g. What is your game play preference (PvE PvP or both)?

    If you would like more information or would like to join our guild, please post. You can also find our wiki page here. *If you do try to get a hold of either Arthur or myself in game, again, we do have 4 kids, and sometimes might have to AFK to take care of them and not able to mark ourselves as away or offline.
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    A-4+ years.

    B-All of them.

    C-A bit of everything, just made a title hunting character.

    D- Necro, Ritualist, Warrior.

    E- Some in the morning, then from afternoon to night. Pacific time (Sin City)

    F- Daily

    G- Both, been doing PvE more atm.

    Ign: D E A N N A *Any further questions, feel free to ask.

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    We are still looking for more recruits!
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    We are still recruiting!
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    A. Been playing just about 4 years.

    B. I have all of them.

    C. Pretty much everything. Farming and trying new builds mostly.

    D. My favorite character would have to be the Ritualist.

    E. I'm usually on Mid Day till I'm dead tired lol. Pacific Time.

    F. On the Daily.

    G. Both but mostly PvE

    IGN: Eww Squash
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