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    New to game, looking for guild

    Hello, I got the guild wars trilogy yesterday, and I would really like to enjoy the game at its most so I'm looking for a guild. I have experience with MMOs so I'm not a complete beginner. My play time is usually from afternoon to something around midnight. My in game name is Jazz Three (yeah like the guitar picks )
    I'm a friendly guy and playing the game alone is getting kind of annoying.

    Thanks for looking at my thread

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    I would like to point you towards my guild's thread found here.
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    Stormbluff Isle

    BaR; Dii

    While Kahlan's guild would be a fine choice, I'd like to share some information about my guild.

    Blade and Rose Guild (BaR) has been around for more than 4 years now in GW. We welcomes both experienced and new players. Among our ranks, you will find a mixture of different types of players. We have our share of hard-core players who consistently plays in challenging elite areas and we also have causal players who have families, graduate school studies, and other real life responsibilities.

    There is a quirky and zany nature to our guild. It is a place for us to relax and let off some real life steam by getting together and slaughtering the hapless wildlife of Tyria. So we don't place much demand on our members other than that they mind their language on alliance chat and treat each other with respect. An occasional slip can be overlooked - we just don't want the chat channel to turn into a toilet bowl.

    Heck, we even have one player who managed to prove that one is invincible when playing in the elf form.

    If you'd like to know more, post here, look up me @ Sarak Layghlin, or click on the link below...



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