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  1. #191
    Fortunately, I can give that to Soulwar :)

  2. #192
    Unfortunately for you, cow pies are ammunition to me. >:]

  3. #193
    Fortunately, cow pies are also ammunition against you.

  4. #194
    Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on being caught in the cross-fire

  5. #195
    Fortunately, I just found someone who volunteered to be my meatshield. Hello, Mr. Zang.

  6. #196
    Unfortunately, I aint got much meat on me.

  7. #197
    Fortunately, that makes you suitable for a human javelin.

  8. #198
    Unfortunately, I'm not very pointy, so all it will do is make the other combatant say 'ow!'

  9. #199
    Fortunately, that's all it takes to have time to run away.

  10. #200
    Unfortunately soulwar can't run once he has just launched another person as he would be out of breath.

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