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    Fortunately, us young 'uns will get what we want if we beg for it enough. As they say in my home-town 'Shy Bairns get NOUT!'

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    Unfortunately, we've been on to the begging and won't give in.

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    Fortunately, in my book yer ALL youngsters. Now get to work!

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    Unfortunately, if we're all youngsters so are you.

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    Fortunately I enjoy investigations.

    Evidence: Dead Mursaat.
    Autopsy Report: Dead for 40+ years.

    My conclusion: Dawg Gone It killed the Mursaat along time ago before we were born and were able to witness the crime.

    Questions Unanswered: Is killing a Mursaat a crime?

    Verdict: Guilty

    Sentence: Clean Tyria of every monster above and below ground.

    Fine Print: I have no proof regarding the matter.
    Last edited by Natalie Black; 25-03-2010 at 03:03.

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    Unfortunately, (for Natalie ;)) Grrrrrr...

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    Fortunately, that's a wrap for this investigation.

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    BaR; Dii

    Unfortunately I'm hungry for a wrap aka burrito

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    Fortunately I have PIE!

    Yeah, that's right, PIE.

    I think in my absence from GW you guys have not had enough of an earful of PIE!

    PIE! PIE! PIE!

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    Unfortunately, i ate all of someone's pie. I believe it was yours.

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