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    Arrow The Expedition [XP] - "Join the Adventure!" (Casual, Multi-Gaming Community)

    (NOTE: Our website has changed from previous postings)

    =====[ THE GUILD ]=====

    The Expedition [XP] a casual online multi-gaming social PvX community designed for individuals who play online games to simply relax and enjoy the game with people they enjoy being around. The people we play with is more important than the game we are playing. The guild is "officerless", where the life of the guild comes from its members "leading by example" -- less requirements and more relaxed than most guilds, but more is expected in every member to actively contribute to the community. As long as you are social, committed, and fun to be around, its not that hard to contribute at all.

    =====[ CHARACTERISTICS ]=====

    - American Prime Time Zones: Most live in Eastern and Central; late nights (weekday), more active on weekends
    - PvX: HM/Elite Content, Challenge Mission, Alliance Battles, GVG Scrimmages, Preparing for HA, Frolicking in the GH
    - Multigaming: League of Legends (PVP), Starcraft: Broodwar (PVP), etc.
    - Social: Forum junkies and Ventrilo-holics
    - Small Guild: Tight-knit group of <15 people; guild limit at 25 max to stay tight-knit
    - Casual: Every member works, schools, and/or has family which comes first; play when you can
    - Team Players: we carry out own weight and don't bring down the team; self-improving

    =====[ GOALS ]=====

    [1] To build tight-knit group of friends for GW2 so we can explore together when the game is released and have people to share our "little moments of 'Win'" with
    [2] To improve ourselves as a team, focusing on team content while complementing our playstyles in preparation for anything GW2 throws at us (PvE, World PvP, Structured PvP)
    [3] To be challenged by running PvE content with not-so-easy balanced builds and playing team PvP content (focusing on having fun more than winning... though winning is more fun, am i right?)

    =====[ RECRUITMENT ]=====
    Please visit our Recruitment Forums and fill out an application!

    What are we looking for?
    - North American players
    - Ventrilo/Mic Required for team play and socializing
    - 2-Week forum posting inactivity rule (no in-game login requirement)
    - Versatile players: must have strengths in both PvE and PvP in any game
    - Patience: we are casual players that fluctuate on activity daily, and some members are new to the games we are playing
    - Commitment: the guild is not some "toy" that you play with when you feel like it; you join us to play with us, not to fulfill personal goals
    - Good Team Gamers: can support the team with more than just pure gaming skills; morale, focus, strategy, insight, and can pull his/her own weight
    - Real-Life Professionalism: has goals and responsibilities in RL, such as work/school/family
    - Unique Social Character: gets to know people and gets known by others

    Why are you looking for PVP Players?

    - Quality of PVP Players: PvP players tend to be more versatile gamers; they know how to play against both human opponents and AI mobs
    - To start casual HA/GVG team: Patience is needed while we build our availability to support a full team and configure team roles
    - We play other PVP games: Our most popular currently is League of Legends, an free-to-play online battle arena RTS team PVP game; we occasionally do Starcraft: Broodwar in-guild scrimmages

    For more information, please visit the guild wiki page:
    Or jump straight to our website and forums:

    Have questions? Feel free to PM me (the guild leader) here on Guru; however, the best place to post questions is on our Recruitment Forums so the community can answer your questions while you build your relationship with our members.

    Join The Expedition [XP] today! :D
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