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    AB and Paragons??

    I am an extremely experienced paragon. However, I am having a very hard time making a useful AB build for a paragon primary. The motivation skills are mostly pointless with a 4 person party especially given the long recharges.

    The command line has some nice potential skills save the fact that they are removed when you attack. Leadership is mostly useless, and so many things block in there spear attacks aren't great either.

    The only thing that is close to being useful in there is Blazing Finale and a spammable shout like "Go for the Eyes!" however even that has its limitations.

    Thoughts? And don't get me wrong, I love paragons through and through, but this area seems to be its nemesis.


    I forgot to mention, they have medium armour but no damage reduction like a warrior. Their primary attribute is mostly useless with a party of four. The skills that do affect allies aren't so great. They only have two points of energy regen and have a hard time blocking things with skills they bring.

    "Fall Back!" and and Song of Power are useful however given energy constraints they are hard to use often. Song of Power is most useful after a battle, when your 2 pips of energy are trying to fill your pool back from about 5 or 10 energy. After many attempts at different builds, I thought that even some sort of a mana battery for a nuker would be useful combined with the running buffs but a necro is much more better suited given their higher energy regen, larger energy pool, plus their ability to gain energy from kills. Even a build where you follow in someone else's shadow (the nuker) is performed much better by other classes. :( Very disappointing.
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    I think, Paragons will generally be a bit of a burden anywhere that is focused on 4v4 interaction. While AB is not forced 4v4, that's generally the idea. They do tons better in 8v8 situations. Honestly, I would never pug a para for 4v4 places.

    If you're determined to run para, Stunning Strike and Spear Swipe are worth looking into for 4v4. Disrupting Throw too, so you can at least rupt some stuff for your team. Cruel Spear is nice for the deep-wound. Back this kinda stuff up with Anthem of Flame, GFtE and Fall Back.
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    AB and Paragons??
    Simply put, no.

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    I’ve played a Paragon a good few times in AB. The experience was mediocre at best; mainly because I was kinda forced into a role that took me quite far away from the original reason I made a Paragon in the first place: to augment the abilities of those I played with.

    My advice to Paragons playing in AB or vanquishing 4-man areas is to be a bit selfish and drop this whole ‘I shall support thee!’ mentality. Resign yourself to the truth that you’re not a huge damage dealer, but embrace the truth that you’re brilliant at throwing out some conditions and that those will usually help someone land a killing blow, even if you do not.

    I tend to start my skill bar for these areas with a single shout coupled with just a couple of spear attacks – 1 energy and 1 adrenal. Those by themselves will usually provide me with 2 conditions to throw about. As energy is your bane in these areas, signets are worth looking in to for a 4th skill – Poison Tip Signet can give you another condition to throw on someone, is energy free and has a nice recharge. My next 4 skills tend ‘toolbox’ skills to either support just myself or my team. They range from adrenaline gain to speed boosts to heightened defence. Again, these skills are far more situational and won’t get used as often on the basis that Paragons cannot have a skill bar anywhere near energy intensive in such areas.

    My other advice to Paragons is to simply not take them in to AB. For what you need to do in AB, there are better professions out there.

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    I like to pvp in AB and I love my paragon, it is just too bad the two don't mix. I made a marginally successful build that with utility revolving around Bonetti's Defense and Blazing Finale. It was okay, but there are much better classes for damage out there, and its not like I really helped out the team by being there much.

    Yes I was a harder than normal target to kill, yes I did apply a little pressure with my spear, but Blazing Finale didn't generate as much flame as I would have liked to have seen. Oh well. Thanks anyway guys, I was hoping I was missing out on an obvious set up but given the variety of builds I tried and the results in the thread I'll just have to go back to killing children in AB with my ranger.

    If you are curious to know the final build I ended up with was:

    "Go for the Eyes!"
    Blazing Finale
    Spear Swipe
    Focused Anger
    "Never Surrender!"
    Leader's Comfort
    Shield Bash
    Bonetti's Defense

    I threw Burning Shield in there too at one point, the assassins tried so hard to kill me they ended up killing themselves.

    I also tried "Watch Yourself!" instead of "Go for the Eyes!" but found that I was in the company of allies much more often than party members.

    Lastly, I was thinking about a more motivationally oriented build. WY instead of GftE, Mending Refrain instead of NS, and signet of synergy instead of LC.
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    I find that Mighty Throw spam is actually fairly effective in the low pvp's like AB. It provides surprisingly strong hits of damage that noobs can't cope with well. Its cast time looks serious, but you'ld be surprised what a difference Soldier's Fury or Aggressive Refrain (I recommend the Aggressive Refrain) make (as they do cut into the lag time just like in a regular attack). Spike with a Spear of Lightning and/or Harrier's Toss after a successful hit. It's a bit gimmicky, but this is AB, for crying out loud. All that matters for the Paragon here is outright spear DPS. Anthem of Flame (or possibly Weakness) is a given for any Para build pretty much, so that covers your party support in a physical group.

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    Mighty throw is utterly terrible.
    Its still bugged after several years and will burn around 4 seconds of your time for a single hit of ~70-80.
    That really isn't worth it, ever.

    If I truly wanted to run a para in AB, I'd run a fallback/incoming one with a couple more shouts and spear of lightning + vicious and then some enchant removal or other utility.

    However, there's still so many other different things that are widely more useful in every situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Lionheart View Post
    I find that Mighty Throw spam is actually fairly effective in the low pvp's like AB. It provides surprisingly strong hits of damage that noobs can't cope with well.
    Well, each to their own, I suppose. I'd rather auto attack while under Soldier's Fury + "Can't Touch This!".....with barb wire wrapped around my keyboard, before I take Mighty Throw out anywhere...

    Skills with 3 second activation times are diametrically opposed to situations where the objective is to run around as fast as you can capping shrines. AB is 'sreuz bzness'.

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    I'm pretty sure that Mighty Throw's cast time is dramatically reduced by IAS... or is there a recent bug changing that.

    I remember I used to use it all the time in AB... the Mighty Throw was barely slower than an auto-attack.

    At any rate, just checked PvX... it has Incoming Para as an effective AB build. Buff allies up with Incoming and Fall Back to help them get around the map, maintain Aggressive Refrain. Use Spear of Lightning, GFTE, Vicious Attack, and Anthem of Weariness/Flame. It has Holy Spear, which could be useful, but I think Leader's Comfort would be a nice substitute.

    Soldier's Fury and Cruel Spear are ones you can't go wrong with, of course.
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    Bleeding + cripple + Deepwound(Cruel Spear) + FGJ + A couple running Shouts = Win in AB

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