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    PLaY is Recruiting Mature Active Teens/Adults

    <Kurzick Based Guild>

    Hello, I am here to post a recruitment thread for our guild.

    We are mostly based on activity. If you love events, vanquishing, Making money then PLaY is the right place for you.

    To start off we are connected to a wonderful alliance in which does many things like

    DTSC|HM Dungeon|GvG|PvP|FoW|UW|HA|Vanquishing| And Many More things.

    We would Love to have you in the guild we are currently at 65+ members.

    We are trying to rebuild.

    We Currently Own A Town.


    If you are stuck we will try to help.

    We are also searching for mature, active players that want to use Ventrilo (but not required 100% of the time). And Love to have fun.

    This Guild has no drama. If you are a quiet person you will open up here everyone is kind and respectful to anyone new to the guild.

    We Like to keep everyone happy rather then wasting people's time. Kurzick Faction Title Farmers Welcome As well.

    You Will not be Forgotten like when you join "KISS"

    Here You also do not have to fill out a 5 page application to join a guild you will probably leave a few days later.

    Point of not having Many requirements?:

    Because this is a game people bought the game to enjoy it. Throwing requirements into a paid game defeats the purpose of "fun" doesn't it?

    We Wouldn't make this to waste your time so Why Don't you.

    Remember We Have And Use Ventrilo. (but you don't have to)

    Our Goal is to be 110% Successful so why don't you give us a try? :)

    Our Casual Guild Cape:

    Kind of hard to make a good one when you are limited to few designs.

    Like To Become an Officer?:

    We are currently Looking for Mature Officers.
    The requirement is you must have vent and be able to communicate with us fellow Officers and Guild leader with a microphone.

    And be in the guild as short as 1 week.

    You can Contact The Guild Leader, An Officer, And I In Game as

    Guild Leader: "The Last Battle"

    Officer 1: "Pile Up On Me" or "ii Raptor Farm ii"

    Officer 2: "Matron Marpha"

    For More Info.

    *You Can Also Find Us Recruiting At District 1 Kam*

    Also If you do contact me and join, all your friends are more then welcome to come as well.

    **If we do not Reply to your Private message Instantly, we will So don't worry!**
    **If you are thinking about joining us please do Many guilds are not for everyone but this one might be the one for you.**
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    I have several Friends that go with me :P, anyways I want to do more Elite Areas and complete them yes? :D PM me in game - Simon Moonfox, or email me david_gilroy1003@yahoo.com. I'd like to talk about joinin :D

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    Hi, this guild looks perfect for me. I am 15 years old but I am very mature, I am respectful to other players. I have been looking for a guild mainly for PvE but some PvP every now and then would be fun.

    I would like to start vanquishing, and doing quests and missions with other people. It has been a while since I have played but I am ready! I added all the officers and guild leader and will send a private message when online. My IGN is silent storm fire.

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