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    Embers Of The Flame [PHX] is recruiting

    Hello everyone looking for a new guild home. Our guild, Embers Of The Flame [PHX] is currently open for recruitment and looking for new members.

    We are a medium-sized, Kurzick-aligned guild, with a guild hall on the Isle of the Dead (fully equipped), which currently has 62 members from all over the world.
    Current incarnation of PHX was founded on June 16 2008 under the leadership of Egg Shennn and has been growing ever since.

    It may be because our aim is to create a friendly, mature gaming environment, where the players can count on each other, chat with each other and enjoy the game with a lot of fun and no trouble or conflicts. It is mostly a PvE-based guild, but our members do enjoy various forms of PvP every now and then.

    We are a member of a respected GWOnline alliance led by Gwonlline guild [GWO], which also includes guilds like The Order of Dii [Dii], Veritas Invictus [TRUE], Blade and Rose [BaR] and In Pace Requiescat [RIP]. Most of these guilds, just like [PHX] have their guild forums right here on guildwars.incgamers.com, which makes communication with our allied guilds easier.

    Does this sound like the group of players you want to be part of? You are very welcome to join us.

    Let us know by posting your application here, or make an application in our forums here: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...play.php?f=215 by creating a new thread titled: Application "your forum name" (mine would be titled Application Arcane Guardian)

    In your post, please include:

    Primary ingame name(IGN):
    When do you usually play and for how long:
    A little something about yourself:

    The guild has players with various levels of experience, so it does not matter if you are an experienced veteran or new to Guild Wars. The focus is on having fun and teamplay.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via forum PM or ingame, contact the leader or any of the officers.

    Ooorock Meamadeus (guild leader), forum name Egg Shennn

    Yobam Mesmerizer, forum name yobam
    Rankin Hollows
    Sister Angelique
    Thorn Shadowshifter, forum name Mad King Thorn
    Ares Hydrogeddon, forum name is the same as the IGN
    Arcania Dreamseeker,forum name Arcane Guardian
    Sofiel Hasmodia
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