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    Attribute Q

    Could someone please tell me why i cant get the attribute q from Vanyi.. I already did the attribute q in the dessert I did her other q Hero's Journey, I completed the q to get secondary warrior and I also bought all the secondaries..

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    Did you travel to all the places Vanyi ask you to do as you need to visit all of them as there are 2 here journey quests.You might have done the first one and did you kill the boss near Copperhammer Mines need to do that as well.

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    I visited all the places, because i needed them to complete the q..

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    Here's a really dumb question to ask, but just covering bases...

    This is a prophecies born character, correct?

    If so, have you defeated your dopple?
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    It's a phrophecies char and yes i did agury rock both in nm and hm :S

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    She just gave it! (=

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    Ty for the tips, I dunno how why she finally wanted to gave me the q, but the most important thing is that i've it now! :D

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    Im having troubles again with getting a q><, this time Forgotten Relics. Sergeant Weststar is outside Doomlore Shrine, I've alrdy got the sniper and sneak attack skill and he still doesnt give the q to me^^ Does someone knows why?

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