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Thread: Glitched Vanyi

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    Glitched Vanyi

    I'm suffering from what appears to be a very annoying glitch with Vanyi, the giver of the 2nd 15 attribute point quest for Ascalonian characters. Now according to Guildwiki, the requirements for the quest are:
    1) Prophecies character. CHECK
    2) A secondary profession other than your picked one in pre-searing. CHECK
    Completion of one of the desert class change quests. Not check... but it's an alternative.
    3) Augury Rock Mission. CHECK

    For some reason, she is not offering the quest at all. I even went back to Senji's Corner and bought another new secondary class. And I've tried switching secondaries in town. Nothing works. Under the conditions I've met with any other Prophecies born character I've ever had, she gave the quest.


    Still didn't work with one of those quests completed.


    Had to re-defeat the Doppelganger to fix the issue. For some reason, Vanyi did not acknowledge that I had completed the mission.
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