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    Unique Items - How do i farm for them?

    Right now I am currently trying to get my hands on Bredyss' Staff - a unique drop from a boss just outside Rata Sum - I've killed the [#$)@#$)!] about 40ish something times now (in HM & using 7 henchies/Heros)- and still no staff

    So my question is, is there any way for me to increase my chance of obtaining this staff?

    Does the size of my party matter? or the fact that they're all henchies and no human players?

    How much would it cost me to buy this staff?
    Are any of you willing to sell me this staff?

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    the size of the party can affect ur drops, you'll have to flag them away from the boss until their name goes grey or u can solo him somehow.

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    Unique items are not affected by loot scaling, which means that you have a better chance of getting them if you farm solo instead of bringing H/H. Fortunately, NM/HM doesn't matter, so if a NM farm would be easier, you can do that instead.

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    Yeah, I normally use my SoS (Signet of Spirits) rit to solo nm bosses, it usually works really well. If you don't have a rit, you can still use secondary rit.

    The elite plus boon of creation are the cornerstone skills of the build. To round it out use agony, bloodsong, and vampirism for spirits. It's helpful to use summon spirits (pve skill from factions) so you can heal them and move them. Painful bond is a good skill to take to increase their damage (I skip it sometimes though).

    As for the 3rd pve skill, I usually take either You Move Like a Dwarf or Pain Inverter. Depends on how much damage they do.

    Oh duh, should mention that as a non-rit, instead of boon of creation, use spirit siphon. Harder to stay alive but at least you'll have the energy then.
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    IIRC it took me 90+ tries for some hammer back in the days. And that was solo, sometimes you just have bad luck.

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    Wait - i thought HM had better drop rates -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigeon Squawks View Post
    Wait - i thought HM had better drop rates -
    Better drops - yes
    Better drop rates - no

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    HM drops tend to have higher values due to higher level creatures. However, I'm not aware of any studies that show the drop rate is better. If you're farming for an item that does not improve in quality based on level (green items, rare materials, holiday drops), then the drop rate between NM and HM should be the same. If you don't care about the value of the random junk you get on your way to the boss, then I would suggest that you farm in NM for a more speedier fight. Follow the suggestions given so far if you can't solo your way there: H/H to the boss, clear around it, send your H/H off radar, then use a spirit spammer to take down the boss.

    Good luck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by teina View Post
    If you're farming for an item that does not improve in quality based on level (green items, rare materials, holiday drops), then the drop rate between NM and HM should be the same.
    Leave materials, rare or common, off that list. There is a HM difference on those in terms of quantity. E.g., a Hulking Stone Elemental might drop one lump of charcoal in NM, but will drop 4-6 in HM. Likewise, granite slabs drop as singles in NM, but piles of 9-12 in HM. The drop rate seems to be about the same, or nearly so, in terms of how often they drop materials, but the quantities differ by a wide margin.

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    True, although you'll see that only with mobs that have large level differences between NM and HM. As far as I know, ectos for example are dropped at the same rate and quantity, NM or HM, because the NM levels are high to begin with.


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