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    Another question about selling items

    I only have pvp chars fighting in HA, but can you transfer the items from zaishen chest to pve chars and sell them to merchants?

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    If you just want to sell the items to NPC merchants why not use the merchant in your GH or the GTOB?

    Regardless, yes, you can put any drop from the zaishen chest into your xunlai storage and any other character on your account (not in pre) can get to it.

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    I found him, didnt see the merchant..
    if you are to sell items to other players, how do you usally do it? is it like a market place or something?

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    The merchant in the GToB is up the first set of stairs to the right.

    Most players "shop" for weapons in the major cities: Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, and Kamadan. Those of course can only be accessed by a PvE character. Some players will sell items in GToB, but since PvE players don't usually frequent this post, it's not a hot selling place.

    So to answer your question about how to sell to other players:

    1. Put the item(s) you want to sell in your storage: the Xunlai chest in the Great Temple of Balthazar

    2. Log out and either make or log into a PvE character that can get to the major town(s)

    3. Go advertise your wares on the trade channel in chat, and stand around and wait a few hours

    4. If you don't want to stand around advertising ad nauseum, you can either (a) sell to any merchant or (b) list your item on a trade forum, such as the one here, in hopes of getting better money
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