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    Guild Wars Triology Questions

    So I brought this game and I read somewhere that if you have all three games you can move the new classes around, like assassins in faction can be played in prophecies or a paragon in nightfall can be played in factions, is this true and if so, how does this work? I tried to create a new assassin toon to be played in prophecies but it wouldn't let me, do I need to do anything special to make this work or what I read not accurate? Please help.

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    Non-core professions are born in specific places, e.g. Factions for rits and sins, or Nightfall for dervs and paragons.

    However, once you get far enough into the game (about 1/3 into it), you get quests that allow you to move to a different campaign. Once you do, you can move back & forth between campaigns at will. These quests are available to all characters, core or not.
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    If you want to play an Assassin in Prophecies (which is not as recommended as going from Factions/Nightfall to Prophs with a core profession) you need to play your toon to the town called Kaineng Center on the mainland of Cantha.

    Same thing with Nightfall; play your toon to a mission entry called Consulate Docks and take the quest from Mhenlo to go to Prophecies.

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    Having all three + the expansion gives you a lot of freedom, and can make the game a lot less linear once you get your char up to 20th level.

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    Okay, if you start up a rit or assassin, you have to run through newbie island. That means doing your primary quest, your second profession quest (reccomended to do ALL the secondary profession quests for the exp and credits), the minister cho's estate,
    getting your advanced training (this gets you some more skills and exp, but reccomended you get past level 10 and get some good armor before doing these), doing minister cho's estate, making your way to seitung harbor, doing a couple quests on the east end of the island, and then getting to zen daijen, doing that mission, then you can get the ride to marketplace, load up on level 20 henchmen, and then head north to kaineng. From there, you have two quests to get to Lion's Arch and to Kamadan. The LA one is simple, just go and talk to mhenlo. The Kamadan one requires you to fight level 20+ creatures that HURT. Send in the henchies and stay out of it if you haven't gotten max armor.

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    Keep in mind that you will not find daggers for an assassin dropping in Prophecies. Nor will you find gear for dervishes and paragons there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oakwine View Post
    Keep in mind that you will not find daggers for an assassin dropping in Prophecies. Nor will you find gear for dervishes and paragons there.
    I'm pretty sure that's generally not correct. There are restrictions on weapon/item skins, or whether items will be inscribable or not, but daggers scythes and spears, paragon related shields and rit related wands/staves/foci can drop in any campaign.

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