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    The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    Link to small article:


    This is great news to me, so I am posting it. Might be too early for a lot of insider information, but speculative discussion is always fun .

    Concepts I would like to see:

    I hope they bring the Scarecrow back in a BIG way.
    I hope they bring back Two-Face (in the comics only "Harvey" dies in that fall).
    I'd like to see the Joker come back, but...
    I would also like to see a GOOD storyline involving Bane.
    The Riddler (maybe).
    Penguin (Nolan already said no).
    Catwoman (Eh...).
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    I was happy when I heard that Nolan, Oldman, Freeman & Bale are back on this together.

    For the cast of the villains, I don't know.
    Joker ... out
    Penguin ... De'Vito did a good job in the past
    Scarecrow ... already in the past ones
    Catwoman ... very dangerous territory
    Man-Bat ... too close to what we have seen in the Incredible Hulk
    Harley Quinn ... I could like that
    Bane ... perhaps
    Mr. Freeze ... an even more dangerous road with you remember the Governator
    Poison Ivy ... darker, more menecing...yes
    Riddler ... see Ivy
    Ventriloquist & Scarface ... might be interesting
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    No, not a response.


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    Maybe one of the Clayface villians.

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    Very much so.
    But some of the villains suggested thus far do not intrigue me. Scarface? Ventriloquist? Meh.
    Bane sounds like an awesome idea, and batmanbackbreaking could be a cool storyline to explore... And I'd really like to see Harley :)

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    After playing Batman: AA, I think I'm less excited for a third movie than I would be otherwise. That game brought the comic world to life, and even embellished on it. This movie series has been more on the realistic side, and it's hard to see much of the Rogues Gallery fitting in.

    The Riddler is probably my first guess. Catwoman wouldn't work with Bale's grumpy Batman, and if they made her into a gritty prostitute, I'd boycott the movie out of nerd rage. - Mr. Freeze might work if they keep the science in the realm of almost plausible, but I doubt it'd still be interesting.

    I don't see this Two-Face carrying an entire movie. Clayface & Bane are too comic book'ish. Hush = Hell no (re: Catwoman.) Ra's al Ghul could come back, but it might feel like a rehash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Harlequin View Post
    Groped at, but never felt,
    Reflected on, but never seen,
    Turn me over enough, I fade away.
    What am I?

    You are Clayface!
    Who should be in the movie.

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    I've known about this for a few months now. IMDb has it all.

    Clayface would be an epic approach.. something new. Same with Bane.

    Harley Quinn sounds delicious, but without our beautiful Heath Ledger, it would just be a sad movie to me. Not sure who could fill the role of The Joker..

    The only other villain I can imagine being in this movie is The Riddler. I'd pick Johnny Depp for that role, hands down.

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