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    Guild Wars 2 FAQ [Read Before Posting New Question Threads]

    In light of the recent developments I thought it was time to give our FAQs an overhaul. If you're planning to created a thread asking if GW2 has this that or the other then check the list first.

    Official FAQ Link

    When will GW2 be realeased?

    28/08/2012 (25/08/2012 at 12am PST/7am GMT for the three day headstart)

    Will there be a GW2 beta and when?

    Open Betas have now finished until release, though there maybe more short notice stress tests between now and release.

    Will GW2 be free to play


    Are there going to be expansions?

    Unconfirmed at the moment but best guess suggests yes given how we know of events happening in Cantha and Elona.

    What professions will be in GW2

    We know that there will be 8 playable professions in GW2. Of them we know of two, though based on GW2 artwork and in game footage another two are suspected.

    Scholar Professions: Uses Light Armour
    • Elementalist
    • Necromancer
    • Mesmer

    Adventurer Professions: Uses Medium Armour
    • Ranger
    • Thief
    • Engineer

    Solider Professions: Uses Heavy Armour
    • Warrior
    • Guardian

    Will there be playable races in GW2?

    Yes. There are five playable races, Asura, Norn, Human, Charr and Sylvani. Each race will have access to all the professions and will also have access to their own selection of racial skills.

    What weapons are available in GW2?

    • One-Handed: Axe, dagger, mace, pistol, scepter, and sword.
    • Two-Handed: Greatsword, hammer, longbow, rifle, shortbow, and staff.
    • Offhand only: Focus, shield, torch, and warhorn.

    Can I transfer my character from GW1 to GW2?

    No, because GW2 is set 250 years after GW1. Your character's achievements however can be transfered across via the Hall of Monuments.

    What are the rewards in GW2 from titles in GW1?

    A link to the Hall of Monuments calculator. The jist of it is that there are 50 points and from 1-30 you'll be rewarded with an item. After 30 you'll get a new title unlocked after every five levels.

    What will the level cap be?

    Level 80

    How long will reaching the level cap take?

    Anet have said that each level should take around 1:30 to 2 hours. Thats roughly 160 hours till max level but how quickly you reach it depends on how much you play.

    Will there be PvP in GW2

    Yes. There will be various PvP formats ranging from Guild vs Guild to the new World vs World casual PvP setting.

    Will Guild Wars 2 be instanced like Guild Wars, or a persistent world?

    Events like your characters personal story will take place within an instance where as things such as dynamic events will take place in a persistent world.

    Will Guild Wars 2 be soloable?

    Yes but if you do group or you create an ad-hoc group you won't loose out on the kill, XP or loot

    Will there be jumping/swimming?

    Yes. Parts of GW2's world will be underwater requiring swimming. At the moment we don't know if there will be underwater mounts

    Will there be mounts?

    Anet have said that currently there are no plans to add mounts into the game.

    What are the technical specs required to run GW2?

    Unknown at the moment but Anet have said that you won't need the latest PC to be able to play.

    Will there be servers?

    Yes. The current list:

    North America

    • Anvil Rock
    • Blackgate
    • Borlis Pass
    • Crystal Desert
    • Darkhaven
    • Ehmry Bay
    • Fort Aspenwood
    • Gate of Madness
    • Henge of Denravi
    • Isle of Janthir
    • Jade Quarry
    • Maguuma
    • Sanctum of Rall
    • Sea of Sorrows
    • Sorrow's Furnace
    • Stormbluff Isle
    • Tarnished Coast
    • Yak's Bend


    • Aurora Glade
    • Blacktide
    • Boreal Station
    • Desolation
    • Far Shiverpeaks
    • Fissure of Woe
    • Gandara
    • Gunnar's Hold
    • Lakeside County
    • Piken Square
    • Ring of Fire
    • Ruins of Surmia
    • Seafarer's Rest
    • Umbral Grotto
    • Underworld
    • Vabbi
    • Whiteside Ridge


    • Augury Rock
    • Fort Ranik
    • Jade Sea


    • Abaddon's Mouth
    • Elona Reach
    • Kodash
    • Riverside

    For any other questions check the Offical Wiki, the offical site or Anet's Blog. for the latest GW2 info and interviews.
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