Signet of the [LION] is looking for Christian players that enjoy PvE in a family-friendly atmosphere. We have been around since 2007 and are trying to get some new faces in our Guild.

LION is part of a 5 Guild Kurzick alliance which schedules anywhere from 2-4 weekly events. Most events are PvE but we do a little bit of Alliance Battles, Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood. We have a fully stocked Guild hall. We have active members well versed in the PvE area of Guild Wars and are willing to help or teach when needed.

Events include:
HM dungeons.
Normal mode missions/quest night-The alliance usually 1-2 quests/missions in normal mode.
PvP night-includes AB, Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood.
Friday Alliance Adventure-event for the harder areas of Guild Wars, The Deep, Urgoz...etc
HM Vanquishing.

We all currently live in the USA from the East coast to the West. Playing times vary but most guild events happen in the neighborhood of 8-9:30PM EST. We have a dedicated Teamspeak Server and our alliance uses a Vent server for events.

If interested visit our website and forums at for rules and membership application. You will want to click on the "Become a lion" icon. If you want more info about us, you can pm the names listed below in game or pm me here on the forums.

To PM in Guild Wars contact:
The Living Water
Halonic Mjolner

Thanks for your interest in LION!
Slalom- Officer of Lion.