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    A build, do with it what you will

    I try to make every single character I make have a totally different team and feel. So I'm not one of those people that saves the ideal monk build and uses it on every character, and I certainly don't use meta team builds as the standard set up for a character. This is a build. Ignore it or use it, whatever.

    So in trying to make an effective monk build that was different, I revisited an old RA build I made. My assassin's Dunk ran this:

    A 40/40 setup may be useful if you're human. For a hero, you'll want +20% enchant.

    As always, my builds are only fire-tested in HM. It's kind of neat having a monk with 130 or more armor.

    For humans in PvE, you'd ditch Divine Spirit for Selfless spirit. On a hero you may want to lock one of the wards depending on what you're fighting at that instant.

    GoLE and Eruption were played with. There are a million possibilities for "prot" in the earth line up. I think this is very customizable.

    Edit: If you're wondering about attributes, I put almost nothing in prot, I just like condi-removal.

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    AI doesn't use Vigorous Spirit correctly...So, you might want to change it out for another spell. Other than that, interesting build!

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    How do they misuse it? It heals for quite a bit on my assassin due to all the double striking and good IAS. Other than that I wasn't really paying attention.

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    They use it as if it was a direct healing spell. So, you have just as much of a chance of them using Vigorous Spirit when you might need Glimmer of Light.

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    Well shoot, it's so darn effective on a sin.

    I'll have to keep an eye on him. I keep forgetting to turn HM off when I'm doing basic quests and no one dies, even with no MM or Spirits. It may be that GoL recharges so quickly that it doesn't matter what else he's doing. If VS is a problem, I guess the solution is to add another earth protection because I want him using GoL exclusively for healing.

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    I don't think I've used a monk hero for healing in at least 2 years xD

    Necromancers and Ritualists are really good at it (SoS and Discord don't hurt, either)!

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    I NEVER use healing, that's why I was happy about this build.

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    The problem with monk Heroes is that they are silly and spam their faces off. If you have no energy management,they will run out of steam midway through a longer fight. I have a Glimmer bar I use on some of my monks, but it's Mesmer secondary for access to energy management interruption. Heroes are amazing at landing interrupts so it's often a great way to manage energy with the added bonus of having them shutdown the enemy a bit.

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    Can't you have a hero run an e/mo bar more efficiently if you're putting it on a hero anyways?
    I mean, 130 armor is nice, but HM mobs still deal about 80-100 damage a hit on autoattacks, and there's not ever going to be anything better than PS/SoA on yourself when you know how to handle aggro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kokabel View Post
    The problem with monk Heroes is that they are silly and spam their faces off.
    Yup, that's the point of this li'l guy. The spamming keeps up his armor and he has the energy to do it via Divine Spirit. If you come up on a big group, it may behoove you to hold for 20 seconds while DS finishes recharging.

    PS/SoA is the ideal monk build. I run it on my human monk and avoid it on this character. As I said, I want each character to try something different. I don't think those autoattack numbers are correct. Dunk tanks for my team, happily ignoring everything that looks in his direction. I can take my sin deep in to the backlines without worrying about Dunk following.

    You could run this build on an ele as well, but I'm not sure there is an advantage to doing so. An ele running this build would e-manage by having a lot of energy, Dunk does it by having DS.

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