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    Cool The Pink Animal Clan [pink] looking for more players

    Pink Animal Clan [pink]

    Pink Animal Clan is recruiting mature, active members for their pink family.

    What is different about [pink]?

    Do you ever join a group and wish that they wouldn’t be so critical over your build and demand you run this skill with this skill? We never demand you to run certain skills, it is your bar, it’s your character, and it’s your skills. We offer friendly critique when you want it; you never have to take it. Do you remember when you could run F.o.W. without the ‘speed clears’? We run it every other week with what you may call ‘old school’ builds. We rely on each other and trust our team mates that they know what they are doing, and even when they don’t – we’ll get a great laugh out of it. We have nightly events every night of the week, and are always having a great laugh somewhere.

    What does [pink] have to offer?

    Like stated above, we have nightly events every night of the week, along with a few add-in’s for monthly events.
    We reward those that work hard having Member of the Week and Members of the Month.
    We have parties [to show our Pink Pride] and also have forums and Teamspeak.

    Why should you join?

    If you are tired of guilds that spam, yell, and have annoying kids in them then you may want to check us out. We make sure the environment is never degraded in that way. A lot of us work and this is our place to relax and have fun. After all everyone bought this game to enjoy themselves, why would you want to throw that all away by being stressed out all the time?
    The guild is friendly and helpful to one another. We are all here to have a good time. It is not in our future to own a town because we do not heavily farm faction. To do this would diminish the fun that you can get out of the game. This is not to say that we never do any PVP, many of us do. We are on a whole though mostly a PVE guild.
    Is this guild right for you?

    How do I join?

    You can easily join pink by going here and putting in your application. One of our council members or leader will get back with you.

    Facts about Pink Animal Clan [pink]:
    • pink is Luxon and support our proud turtle friends.
    • pink is active and mature – most our members are 20+ and we have around 50-60+ actives on daily in the alliance.
    • pink has daily events [8:30pm Eastern Standard Time] and are always looking for their members to suggest more events / party ideas.
    • pink consists of ‘Council’ not officers. The council is there to assist you, not baby-sit. They are your fellow members, except with guild jobs.[ex. running nightly events, consistently help members, etc]

    If you have questions please don't hesitate to pm "Fraternal Hero" in game.
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    We've added a couple monthly events, so come check us out if interested.

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    *love tap*

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    ^^ still looking for members, we have daily events and activities for the experienced player and new players.

    If your helpful, mature and want to be part of a great community then just look us up ^^


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    bump ^^

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