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    It's not really to do with being native or not to Kryta, but that, in lore, our characters haven't been in Kryta since Prophecies. Six years pass without the player being in dealing with Tyria, seven since being within Kryta.

    And it might not be that they're very small, but that they were either not a main focus and our characters (and the war) was only showing the SB vs WM side of the war. By the sounds of it, the SB and WM were the two largest factions, and I have a feeling the WM weren't exactly united during the War in Kryta (at least after Dorian's and the Inner Council's death, that is).

    But I hope that we see at least one other faction and warlord.

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    It would appear that there is a mention of other threats aside from the White Mantle. After the Battle for Lion's Arch, talk to a Shining Blade Guard in the keep. One of their responses is:

    "The White Mantle were one among many threats to the queen. I hope the others learn from their defeat. I'd hate to have to clean my blade again."

    And the Lionguard have this as a quote:

    "I'm glad that the Shining Blade are sticking around. I fear the White Mantle will not be the last danger that Lion's Arch faces."

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    Just a thought, but if you were Evennia, would you be hanging around in Lion's Arch when the White Mantle and their Unseen Gods are about to attack?

    Lets not forget: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Ice_Caves_of_Sorrow

    If I was Evennia, I'd be avoiding any more direct encounters with the Mursaat like avoiding a plague. Maybe she really does have other things on her hands. But I wouldn't blaim her if she used an excuse to not be in Lion's Arch.

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