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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggles View Post
    That is so true about so many things. I should put on an old man hat and say it's all TVs fault. But seriously, a lot of kids these days have no imagination. Why? I think it's the fault of structured play, or lack of play and toys that do one thing. I bet most kids these days in the western world don't just go outside all afternoon and just make up stuff anymore. TV is totally passive. You don't create anything. There's almost nothing creative about playing most games. Most toys are force-fed what they do for you. A stick could be a million things. A toy car is most likely going to stay a toy car. Either that or you're pushed into "getting further in life" classes / tutoring.

    Most art/music courses are ditched in favour of more "useful" things like math and science. There's no room for running around and creating things in your head which I think is a terribly import part of intelligence. In fact I'd even go as far to say it's the creative people that are smart. Why? They're not necessarily full of facts but, they can apply knowledge in new ways. I can't think of anyone that hasn't been heralded as a genius that wasn't like that.

    I think that thread is an exemplary showcase about how uncreative gamers are right now. It's always been that way, it can't or shouldn't be like anything else. That's probably why I won't even try a demo of it.
    Absolutely agreed... though i would argue that some games do encourage creativity. Especially some RTSs and TTSs... but that's kind of besides the point.

    I'm currently in my senior year, and those topics which, as you said, are deemed as more important are just unbelievably boring... I'd rather just take International Relations or Philosophy of Science all day... can't wait until i graduate -_-

    I've never watched TV... almost always considered it a waste of time. Considering your comment, i'm glad to say I didn't...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    That's just it... I don't think even the *tank* would be effective as a tank, especially in the more difficult areas. I think the damage he'd receive would be vastly higher than the damage he'd be able to absorb. I think the new "tank" would be the frontliner running around so that foes waste their attacks swinging in the air and shooting and missing.
    I'd actually be kind of worried if a system like this was in place, since it strays quite close to WoW and FPS style "constantly hopping around to avoid attacks", which i often find quite annoying to play against. (I do find Team fortress 2 fun often times when I play it, but do prefer a somewhat less jumpy combat system.)

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    It seems that SW:TOR will also be present at PAX East - given that they have a rumored release for 2011.

    I am wondering if someone can also check this game out in a sort of side-by-side comparison of features - not an evaluation of this game ownz that game...

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    To me, this is a simple choice: SW:TOR is P2P and GW2 is not. I will never play a P2P game....EVAR!

    (BTW, I"m a huge Star Wars and Bioware fan and think SW:TOR will be a stellar game...I'm just not going to pay a monthly fee to play it).

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    i don't mind the monthly fee as long as they have two requirements.
    1.) a wide choice of payment systems.
    2.) a worthwhile game.
    IMO AION is not worth the monthly fee yet ppl still pay for it, while DCUO is a pretty good game but allot of ppl misunderstand it.
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    Well, with still no one from this community giving any demo feedback, the next best thing is a dev walk-through which I think is similar to Arenanets Walk-through but a bit more moderated:


    I liked the music a lot. Very Star-Warsy. What do you think?
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    I have no sound on this system atm (long story, not important), so I have watched this and the GW2 10-minute movie without sound. And the difference is staggering. Let's just say that I fast-forwarded through a lot of the SWTOR trailer. Sure there are lightsabers, but combat still looks so.. generic. Pretty though (if you like the style).
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    I liked the fact where the Jedi Sage got agro of that boss, the dev said she was in trouble, and I thought "ok, she prolly will start running".

    No, she stood there taking the hits hoping that someone will take agro away from her.

    Didn't impress me at all.

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    Wow STOR sucks more than I imagined and I didn't think highly of it in the first place...

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    My daughter was around while I was watching it, and she comments...

    "Isn't Yoda supposed to speak backwards?"

    Hahah, good observation. I guess Yoda took some english classes.
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