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    Screenshot gallery for [MVOP]

    Hello, all.

    I have seen so many great screenshots come out of GuildWars that I thought it would be a nice idea to have a place [MVOP] can show off their own. An album has been created on Google's Picasa site and can be reached at:

    To contribute screenshots you'll just need to have a Google account on the access list. Send me a PM with your account address and, once I have added it, there should be an 'Add Photos' button on the album page when you are logged in.

    A few tips about Google accounts and Picasa Web Albums:
    • You can create a Google account using any email address, you don't specifically need one from Google (new accounts can be created by going here)
    • When you upload an image to Picasa Web Albums it will include an "Uploaded by" tab that will link to your own Picasa page*
    • You can add a caption to any pictures you upload
    • You have access to remove any pictures you upload

    A few guidelines for screenshots:
    • Keep it clean (humor is ok, but anything that isn't "Rated 'T' for Teen" will be removed at my discretion)
    • Be nice to others in comments; keep it clean applies to the comments section, too (if necessary, comments will be removed)
    • Try to keep the pictures under 400k in size (if the album looks like it is running out of space, I reserve the right to shrink the size of the largest files in there; screenshots uploaded by other people will not be altered in any other ways by me)
    • Repeated violations of the "keep it clean" and "be nice" guidelines will result in access removal
    • Repeated violations of the 400k guideline will not threaten your access (I'll probably break the limit more than anyone else), but we want to have lots of screenshots to share, so conserve space, please :)

    *If anyone is concerned about privacy, I suggest they create a new Google account with a new email address for use with the albums. People should also take the time to read the privacy policies of Google and Picasa Web Albums (it is possible only crazy folk like me actually do that, but I had to mention it).

    If you want to contribute, but really don't want to create a Google account, you can send 1 or 2 screenshots a week to me and I will add them when I have time. Be sure to include the caption you want along with your character's name and email it to bncom1+mvop (gmail address).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you like the idea and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful screenshots we can take. There are quite a few in there already from past weeks, so check it out.

    See you in-game. :)
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    Awesome, I'm so glad you put this up here!

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    This is a great idea, Tanek.
    I've PMed you my google profile details.
    I've always wanted to do more with screenshots, and this sounds like just the place to post some of them.

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