Hello all,

I'd like to hear people's opinions on Panic and Psychic Instability. I've been making hero mesmer builds with them both and have found these things:

Psychic Instability:
- Due to the perfect reflexes of heroes, Psychic Instability is pretty much never wasted.
- 4 second KD is really nice, it literally stops the damage output of the enemy party.

- Panic is great in large groups, however enemies still appear to get off quite a few skills with minimal separation from their party in hm. It also has reduced effectiviness with fewer enemies.
- I find that if I put this on a hero, I have a difficult time bringing other interrupts since they will directly interfere with Panic being triggered.
- For a human player, it is impossible to waste this skill unlike Psychic Instability which can be mistimed.

So there it is, while functionally I like Psychic Instability more, Panic appears to be more effective (you visually see the !! instead of not seeing casting when the enemies are knocked down).

What are your thoughts to these two skills? How do they compare in your mind? Why do you like or use one more than the other? Do you use one more than the other on yourself or your heroes?

I look forward to hearing from you!