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    Lunatic Court [MAD]

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    About Ascalon:

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    Blimm's tomb and Ascalon would make great places to visit.

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    Aha! In-game description of the Central Transfer Chamber proves what I've been saying, possibly. Unless you think in-game description doesn't constitute proof.

    "Polestar to the vast wheel of Asura Gates, the Central Transfer Chamber is a magical and architectural marvel constructed atop a major pocket of magical energy. The Asura channel that raw power to fuel all the gates in the network and link them together via this great crossroads of transport. Most of the major gates across Tyria lead to this location."

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    Back on the topic of Dougal's profession. I approached Jeff Grub with the question. Of course he said he could not answer the question, but that Dougal is an adventurer (to which my response was a chuckle and a "duh!"). He went on to explain that at the point of writing, professions were mushy (mushy was his word) and so certain artistic liberties were taken.

    Long story short, we still don't know what Dougal is and the co-author isn't going to tell us either. So he could be a ranger, but tbh Jeff mentioned warriors as well, he also cautioned against taking any word in the novel to have any meaning beyond the story. So assassin or spy or whatever is not an equivalent game mechanic. Of course, I think most of us already get this - that in a novel the story comes first.
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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    The place can be a pile of rocks and dirt; give me a shovel and I'll dig that fortune up!

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    Awaiting user confirming email address

    Quote Originally Posted by BrettM View Post
    Future of Temple of the Ages.

    Observations on the charr attitude towards King Adelbern's usage of Magdaer.


    to add to what Konig said. it could also be that the charr respect vizier and not adelbern because vizier completely wiped out his people which allowed them to move on to the after life, while adelbern killed them but trapped their spirits in the living world for (what i assume to be) eternity. which to most would seem to be a crime against nature. while yes both killed their people vizier didnt force them to roam insanely for eternity.

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    Isle of Janthir

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    Except that Khilbron became a lich and brought many of his people (not to mention a certain other) back as undead. Those were Orrian undead infesting Kryta, remember. I don't see how this is any less a crime against nature.

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    On the subject of Asura gates and teleportation, I believe the Lich used portals during the final mission, sending the Titans out all over Tyria. I remember Rin being specifically mentioned in the diaogue. We then fought these Titans in the quests Glint gave us.

    Nevermind the fact that the Vizier/Lich was teleporting himself around constantly ...

    Additionally, we could examine assassin shadow-stepping skills, and necromancer corpse traversal, as well ...

    I'd go so far as to say that teleportation is not that uncommon among skilled magic users.

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