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    Necro'ing this post a little bit to announce a new accomplishment of the XM crew!

    In the past we've beaten most of the more "elite" areas in GW1:
    Tomb of Primeval Kings - 3 players
    The Deep: 4 and 5 players
    Urgoz: 4.5 (Necro afk'ing 3 rooms before the end) and 5 players
    Fissure of Woe: 3 players

    Also done some XM things in other areas:
    Frostmaw's Burrows: 1, 2 and 3 players
    Waijun Bazaar Vanquish: 2 players
    Skyway Vanquish: 3 players
    Nahpui Vanquish: 2 players.

    But last night (or was it this morning...) we added a new victory plaque to our XM-HQ. We steamrolled (it was a slow roller) through UW with just 4 people! Ok...Ok....Dhuum whooped us in like 20 seconds, but that doesn't count! Completed all 10 quests in roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes. There is one note: we also vow (no pun intended considering our 2 tanks) to never use any consumables besides resurrection scrolls. But for the 4 Horsemen Quest we did use Tengu Flares (we burned 11 before we finally got a semi-decent spawn). After that we didn't use them. It was also a first that a Tengu died of "natural causes" (old age) instead of being tossed on the fire :P

    Here's some images as proof: (note that I didn't whipe the names, as I didn't really have time for that and to be honest I don't think anyone would mind).

    First image: cleared the Chamber to activate first reaper:

    Second image: after having cleared the needed Riders+spawns from Plains (in preparation of 4 Horsemen) we cleared Pools until we got a suitable Tengu spawn.

    Third image: Finished 4 Horsemen, but it was a close call. Reaper nearly died from a duo of dryders that lost aggro from myself.

    Fourth image: mid-quest in the Pits, spirits are home free!

    Fifth image: cleared wastes and Sab tanking all the dryders during the quest.

    Sixth image: Quest done in wastes.

    Seventh image: On to Vale and cleared that with the quest and also the Escort quest immediately after.

    Eigth image: in preparation of Unwelcome Guests: cleared Twin Peaks and corresponding quest

    Ninth image: Final quest: Unwelcome Guests!

    Tenth image: It's Done! All 10 quests :D

    Eleventh image: Back at the Ice Wastes for a picture and talk about Dhuum

    Last one: saying hi to Dhuum...before he beats us to a pulp :D

    So there you have it. All quests done. We didn't get the chest, but we finished what we wanted.

    Here's one last image from a different run a while back, everyone (except me) disconnected at the very same second. It was weird :)

    So now we will go on to our final GW1 adventure: DoA-XM!
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