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    You 5 are now certified crazy
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    5 man team for Deep HM, wow.

    They came, They saw, They conquered

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    Man, and I thought it was cool back when I 5-manned ToPK.

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    hmm, TOPK looks like an easy challenge, we should put that on the XM list, i think 4 ppl should be sufficient though, i think we can tweak the deep setup a bit and it should work just fine.

    On second thought, 3 is probably enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantThinkOfName View Post
    Hastily taken picture of us killing stuff in Sorrow's Furnace!

    It's my previous babes!
    Working the hell out of that elite rogue!

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    Work it toots xx

    Naru Soulfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayarie View Post
    Work it toots xx
    Naru Soulfire
    *blows kisses*

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    As of 9th February, I am now 50/50 in my Hall of Monuments.

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    Grats Cyn!

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