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    Gratz Lensor!

    Well, I got my GWAMMs (plural because 2 of 'em), and I'm slowly working on PvP, minis (7 missing) and obsidian... that'll add up to 50/50 HoM.

    16.5% done RA, or 33.5% done zaishen. But if I do RA, then zaishen keys pay up for obsidian. Hmmmm....
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    Congrats Lensor! Time to work on those last titles :D
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    CONGRATULATIONS Cyn & Lensor x

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    Congratulations! That must have required some effort...

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    Congratulations, however i thoguht this thread was for Alliance accomplishments and not personal accomplishments, i might be wrong though, i thoguht that there was a thread for personal accomplishments allready.

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    There isn't one, but not a bad idea I guess.
    Leaving this thread for alliance accomplishments involving more than one person, from more than one guild.

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    It's late, butI would like to post the following:

    Last night we managed to conquer Urgoz Warren with a 5-man crew on HM. Our Necro had to go to sleep 3 rooms before the end, but the 4 of us continued and came out victorious! More details and pictures will be posted later of course. First I need some much needed sleep:p

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    The XM team did it again last night: Conquered Urgoz Warren with a 5 man team (all still awake at the end).

    This time it took 3 hours and 33 minutes, a time we believe we can certainly improve but it does show that the builds are getting close to being optimal. We were tired at the end but it felt great to stand by the chest victorious. Maybe Arcanum will post some pictures later.

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