Essentially, they are the same as in the main Lore Forum, therefore I will place them in a spoiler tag and get straight to the most effective way to make use of this subforum:


Now then. The Archives will function essentially the same as the subforums prior to it, all pertinent information prior to the founding of Durmand Priory, ergo the Flameseeker Prophecies, the events of Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North, may be discussed here. The only difference is a name and a lack of distinguishing subforums, really.

That aside, due to the merging of all four subforums, I decided that some people would almost certainly be interested in looking for the regional threads from them, and so prior to the merge, I tagged nearly every thread in each subforum with the regional subforum's name they were in.

E.g. [Elonian Lore] A Summary of the Abaddon-gate conspiracy...
[Tyrian Lore] Bloodstone Inscription.
[Northern Tyrian Lore] Languages of Tyria: One Left Undiscovered!
[Canthan Lore] What are the Kurzicks Stylistically and Spiritually?

This way, you don't need to remember a precise name, simply the section it related to. An advisory though, you must use Advanced Search, and set keyword to Search Titles Only and type it in as shown above, brackets included.

E.g. "I want to find a thread!"
*hover over Search this Forum, select Advanced Search*
*change key word to, Search Titles only*
"Hm...Thread name..Thread name..What was it again? Oh well."
*types in [Tyrian Lore]*
"Let's see, let's see...Ah there it is!"

This should bring up the contents of each subforum for browsing in the event that the thread you're looking for was not linked in the Archive Directory.