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    Destructoid Article


    It's mostly old news but there are some nice clusters that are worth mentioning:

    The actual armor your character wears is purely cosmetic; stats and bonuses are instead conferred through crests that you socket into your armor.
    I am so happy they implemented this, more customization is always a plus.

    The only NPCs with quest symbols over their heads are for your personal story -- the rest of your adventuring will be done by exploring the map. An NPC in each area will mark off a large number of spots on your map where people may need help, but you won't have any idea what actually needs doing, if anything, until you get there.
    I was wondering what the * were.

    To be released: 2011
    Probably speculation on thier part but you never know.

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    Like Erasculio said over in the Awesome Sauce thread, the info should be taken with a grain of salt. The release date is obviously made up, and the exact details regarding armor are questionable.

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    Not to be an *** but this was already posted in the GW2 Awesome Thread.

    Anyway, we still don't know if this is true or not. We have seen screenshots of armor with defense stats and screenshots of these crests with only bonus stats.

    Everything is still open.

    Oh, and Scutilla, I was the one who said that.

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