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    Read this if you have not. Yes, you: [MVOP]'s membership in the [GWO] alliance.

    We have a lot of new people in the alliance, so I just want to take a moment and mention a couple of things.

    Massively's guild is a part of the Guild Wars Online alliance, which makes its forum home here on the GWO site. I want to make sure everyone is aware of the alliance charter and abides by it. You can find it here, and I'd really like everyone to read through it once, but the crux of it as it pertains to you is this:

    Do not break the EULA. That means no botting, hacking, account stealing or sharing, all that stuff you agreed not to do when you started playing.

    Be respectful. That means here on the forums, in guild chat, alliance chat, team chat, and local chat. We're a family-friendly alliance, and while we may lapse into goofy shenanigans every now and again, we generally try to keep it at a PG-level. So cursing, raging, all that stuff is right out.

    Same with bickering and fighting in the various chat channels. If you have a disagreement with someone, take it to whisper and approach things with an eye to a solution rather than winning a fight.

    Be respectful of your guild and alliance mates. We are all a big family in the GWO alliance, and that means I won't stand for running down your guild or alliance mates. Treat them with the respect and kindness you'd expect from them. See above, re: disagreements.

    It's pretty simple, but if you have any questions please give me a shout.
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    May i please join the guild ?

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    i forgot to add the character name ... "Weer Lig Straal" ...

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    I there Weerman, I just sent you an invite.

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    I want to join the alliance, but my guild only has 2 people. We want to keep our guild since we are a multi game guild and I might have other people joining. Is it still possible to join the alliance? Right now it's just me and my fiancee'. This might be the wrong place to put it, so please let me know if it is. We just don't want to leave our guild for various reasons. We haven't picked a faction yet if that's an issue too. We'd be up for picking whatever faction is needed for the alliance. Just let me know and I'll go through the official channels of applying. We'd also be up for expanding although I am a college student so I am not going to be extremely active until the winter (although I'll still find time during the school year to play, I'm kind of addicted heh). He only really plays when I do, but if it meant expanding, I'm sure I could convince him to play more.

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    Scott, our alliance leader, is your guy to talk to about that. His forum name is "Rockweaver."

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    Ok, thanks :)

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