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    Do GW2 Necromancer Minions have a relation to Verata's research?

    I've been thinking lately. GW2 minions were said to have no health degeneration. Does that mean Verata's experiments/research that he performed later came to fruition/discovered at a later time for all Necromancers to see? I mean, there was a quest regarding how he went rogue or something and began researching ways to make minions that have no degen. This of course, was a quest that was to be completed near Yak's Bend. Later in the quest, he escapes. Does this make it safe to assume (at least somewhat) that his research/experiments were a success? Does this also mean that, possibly, the GW2 Necromancer's minions are the fruits of a rogue Necromancer's experiments?

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    It's possible. Whether or not they derived it from Verata's research indirectly or not we'll probably not know, though. Considering he went rogue, they likely couldn't have gained it directly (unless by force) and would have to go indirectly through examination of his specimens. Nevertheless, if his research went forgotten, or was lost due to his rejection, it may have taken several decades, possibly centuries, since we don't know how long the new type of minions have been around, before they rediscovered the means to animate minions as Verata did.

    Although they may also have learned through the other races how to do so.

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    What is interesting to note, is that a lot (if not all) of GW2's minions are created not from fresh corpses. Game wise they seem to appear out of thin air. I'm interested to find out how this works lore-wise. Are the minions summoned from the soil, assembling bones and organic remains into organisms? Or are they constructed, akin to Frankenstein and then summoned to do the necro's bidding? And how does this work with the Death Shroud? What is the Death Shroud, how did necromancers develop this ability, and how is it possible that necromancers can also summon minions within this shadowy form?

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    Well, 250 years is a long time. In terms of improvement with technology, 250 years in the future can make things seem like magic if brought back to the present time.

    How the necromancers summoned out minions could be a result of the improvements made to magic (I'm not saying magic = technology, no matter how much Apple wants you to believe in their products, but there are some theories about it out there) in addition to (or not) Verata's research/horrible experiments.

    I think there may be a slim chance that Verata may have had something to do with it. Considering how Anet is attempting to integrate and bridge GW1 with GW2, I think the explanation that a rogue human Necromancer from 250 (or more) years ago seems to be plausible. The lore itself is right there, in the form of a quest, so I believe there may be a chance (however slim) that Anet may mention something involving Verata.

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    At a microscopic level, fleshy creatures contain Iron and other minerals that are found in the earth. When a creature dies and decomposes, it "returns to the earth" in a way. So, when a GW2 necromancer makes a minion out of the ground, with no corpse to exploit, maybe it's related.

    Imagine reverse-engineering the standard decomposition process, on an EXTREME scale!


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    Necros carry dead rats in a pouch, from which to create minions. Duh. This is why you need quests of the type "kill 10 rats".
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    I think the changes to minions were mechanic first, lore second. And I think it's too soon to tell atm, but once we can observe minions in game, I'm sure we'd be able to see - even if not directly told it in lore.

    Either way, definably wanting to know what Rob brought up.

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    Or it might be Eve. She is highly intelligent but a little bit nuts in the head. We never know what she can do.

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    I do not think it makes much sense lorewise. Then again it has always been mechanics/balance > lore.

    I mean one Norn can take out a whole Charr Warband after all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xunlai Agent View Post
    I do not think it makes much sense lorewise. Then again it has always been mechanics/balance > lore.

    I mean one Norn can take out a whole Charr Warband after all...
    That's kind of why I decided to ask this question regarding GW2 minions and Verata's quests. Since gameplay balancing comes first, I figure maybe the community could do something lorewise and hope the dev overlords would take notice.

    For example, Alesia the healer hench(wo)man is known to have aggro problems, players complained a whole bunch, Anet recognizes the complaining by adding her dialogue in the Norn Tournament (Magni the Bison's tournament) and the dialogue at the end of Prophecies (Droknar's Forge explorable area).

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