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    New Interview with Eric Flannum

    There's a new interview with Eric Flannum on guildfans.com. Covers some stuff we know but they explain why they've been silent for so long too. New stuff about Rangers using Stealth too.


    Oh, looks like they have a contest and some of the ArenaNet developers are judging it as well. That's cool:


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    Please note that for shipping cost reasons the prizes are only available to residents of the US.
    and......there go's the awesome from the contest.

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    Yeah saw that sorudo, but then I thought "that would be cool to get your idea in front of the developers". So some might still want to post and participate. Or at least I thought it would be awesome to know that those who design the skills would be looking at my idea directly.

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    Stealth is in game, will be interesting to see how they deal with it.

    (It sounds from the interview, plus me making some assumptions, that stealth may be more, say, more tf2 spy style than WoW rogue style, though of course it will probably have a bunch more options attached to it.)

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    Whoa! A skill design contest!!! I'm all in for that :)) Is there anything known about the number of entries each person can submit?
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    I'm still worried about the potions being in the game. I thought the signet of energy suggestion from before was a better solution. And if they want the gold sink part of it they can even make the skill have tiers so that it needs to be bought again every couple of levels.

    Other than that, there's some cool info in the interview. Not sure how useful stealth would be if you had to stand till to use it. Then again it may just be that particular skill.

    The contest is nice too. Good luck to all who enter.

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