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    This Thursday, December 2nd

    Everyone ready to wrap up Prophecies after last week's holiday break?

    We're going to take on Hell's Precipice as our final Prophecies mission. This one is a bit tricky, so make sure you read up on it (in that link) to know what you're up against. There are some good elite skill captures to be had here too, so don't forget to give those a look.

    Once we've wrapped up and received our reward items -- yep, you get a cool weapon at the end if this is your character's first time completing it -- we'll head back to Lion's Arch and talk to Firstwatch Sergio to head to Cantha. (He has a quest called Mhenlo's Request. Take that one.)

    As is our regular plan now, I'll be broadcasting my playtime on Massively's Livestream channel. Anyone in my group will be seen and heard by our watchers. Any volunteers?

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    Aww, I'd be keen for hopping on board, yet I ended up finishing last week due to my eagerness in starting HoTN, though now I'm also stuck finishing EoTN too (so I reaaally should of waited...).

    Good luck to everyone doing it though, trickiest part of that mission can be actually just getting to the Bonus Objective giver. Take too long, mobs seem to kill him. Head straight for him, and there's 1-2 groups of mobs ready to take him down.
    Compared to getting the bonus, the mission itself for me was easy peesy super sleazy with Heroes and Henchmen.

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    Aww cursedseishi; you can still join us for the final mission. (if you wish) It's going to be a lot of fun, or bring another character that hasn't finished.

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    I'll be there! Never can kill enough titans.

    I'm glad you chose Factions next, because my monk (O You Pretty Things) needs that too and I've been having so much fun with her.

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    I suppose I'll volunteer, been meaning to play with the thursday group again after coming back to the game.

    As always, the wiki page for the mission has a ton of help on what to do.

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    I finished that one already but ill definitely join you guys just for the fun and for Factions. You guys going for masters right? I want to get that protector title :) Just let me know the time. Also will u guys be using vent for these missions?

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    I'll be able to make it! :D

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    Yeah, we'll be on Vent.

    As always, first pick of group spots goes to MVOP members, then we'll fill in with anyone else. I can't wait!

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    If anyone needs help getting there, let me know.

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    Ya I could help people get the quests leading up to it done too if anyone's still at ember light camp or something.

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