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    Arrow The Essence of Renegade [WaR]

    Hello IGN Gamers Member and/or Guild Wars Player,
    I would like to first thank you for taking the time to preview this message. A lot of time and effort has been put forth into creating a welcoming and friendly aura about the Guild. If by the end of reading about the features of the Guild there is something you are unsure about or wish to gain more information about, please feel free to contact me at EssenceGM@hotmail.com

    Mission Statement:
    Allow every Guild member to feel like an equal, and while doing so experience a friendly social playground in which they may openly express opinions without being ridiculed or criticized.

    Many people may not at first glance understand the point of a mission statement for something as simple as a Guild. Let me put it in perspective, what is a guild without a set of rules, a common goal, or a functionality? It is nothing more than a collective group of people for no particular purpose. While my Guild is MUCH more than a social playground, I wish for all members to feel safe and secure about what they wish to express verbally and communication is the key to success in any established organization!

    Key Features of the Guild:
    - A Complete Guild Hall
    - A Guild Cape (Design to Change in Relation to Practiced Guild Wars Holidays)
    - Kurzick Alliance (Our Guild is the Head of the Alliance)
    - Weekly and Monthly Events (Lottery, Hide-n-Seek, Birthdays, et cetera)
    - Official Guild + Alliance Website (http://kurzick-essence.webs.com/)[Info]
    - PvP + PvE Participation
    - Runs, Vanquishes, Solo Assistance, And Other Natured Events
    - Beginner Player, Build, Game Information; Assistance
    - Personalized Ventrilo Server
    - Online Forums
    - Officer Slots Available

    Requirements of the Guild:
    It may seem somewhat knit-picky for us to have requirements, however, this is for the better of the Guild and to keep the interest and involvement of our players.

    - NO Level Requirement
    - NO Experience Requirement
    - We Ask for High Activity Levels In-Game.
    (If you are a new player, please let us know prior to joining if you plan on remaining in the game, we do have a 3 week no activity removal policy. 'Unless again, informing us of your extended absence prior to departure')
    - A Level of Maturity (Minimal Swearing, No Obnoxious Spamming, et cetera)
    - Primary Language Must Be English for Communication Purposes

    Again, a special thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you in game.

    IGN: Phenomenon Xll or The Natural Essence

    Can't Find Us Online? Try Applying Via Email! Just send your character name, your characters level, your first name, and a return address to EssenceGM@hotmail.com and we will communicate with you ingame! Thanks Everyone!

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