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    (Spoilers) Hero team

    So I'm surprised no thread yet. I'm rockin' the 4 para team. 1 moti/leadership/spear burning para, 1 moti/spear para, 1 command/leadership/spear burning para and me, a command/spear para.

    My biggest para problem has always been deciding which skills I could shove on 2 or 3 skill bars. Now we get 8 more!

    Hells ya. You can 4 man HM areas. I can't wait for a friend to get online, we're going to 8 man Urgoz in HM, 8 paras.

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    Is no one else loving making these teams? I actually find myself really struggling to fit all the skills I want on only 4 bars!

    By the way in case you noticed a missing icon in the below image, I was experimenting and forgot several key skills like They're on Fire!, heh. I also just thought it was cute there are two versions of Thackery.

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    I'd be curious to know what skills you have on your team... any of those shout skills appear more than once (so they can be spammed intermittently)?

    I'd think it could be fun to run an all-physical team, but I just don't have the know-how to setup one.
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    I'm not sure what I had in that particular run, but it's some variant of what you probably can guess:

    • Several of the burning skills. Blazing Finale, AoF, Blazing Spear, Burning Refrain all for the purposes of (effortless degen and also) They're on Fire.

    • GFtEs and AoE

    • Hayda and Keiran are half motigons. Finale of Restoration basically makes its target totally unkillable. Chorus of Restoration takes care of the paras and any shouts the warriors use, and are almost as spammable as GFtEs. Signet of Synergy can round you out. Most of the motigon skills are pretty solid when multiple paras are concerned.

    • Morghan takes the leftover command/Leadership skills, like SYG or Anthem of Disruption. Anthem of Fury + IAS I think is probably far more efficient in an all adrenaline using team than Solider's Fury.

    • Everyone has attack skills and high spear ranks

    Once I get to customize the warriors as well, tactics (hello Soldier's XXX skills!) can come in to play. I can also use two characters to round out my AoE with SW/ARage.

    I'd love to hear what others are running. Once I get my 4 paras fully optimized I'll definitely report back in.

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    The question is - what do you gain by dumping a supporter for another physical?
    Does Conjure + 1 physical really make more sense that an Orders-buffer instead of the +1?

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    No. If I wanted to run the absolute most effective team it would probably be a mesmer, SoS rit and Minion bomber hero team. I just like experimenting with variations of physical teams. My sin, war and ranger all use orders necros and various combos of smite and channeling support, so I've pretty much explored that to death. This is also a revisit of another post a few years ago in this forum when I first started playing para. I did some vanqing in the charr areas using 3 paras and Jin as a ranger/para, the two war and two ranger henchies. It wasn't pretty... it ALMOST worked but once DP kicked in on Devona it would fall apart. Now is the time to make my goal of "no squishies" a reality.

    It's two bad we only have 3 warrior heroes. I'll probably settle on 4 paras with various secondaries, 2 W/P/Xs and 2 A/P/Xs (depending on what they do to sin melee AI.) When I'm done having fun, I may very well have some or a lot of the standard physical support buffs mixed in there.

    Hmm... since the paras heal so much more effectively with Sig of Syn and Chorus of Rest, I wonder if it would be possible to run an orders para. I'd probably have to drop the spear component.

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    Making me think that a 4 warrior, 2 para, MM, and some form of necro/rit healer might be a great way to go when seven heroes are allowed. That or 3 warrior, 3 para.

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    I was initially thinking tactics warriors would be the natural completion of 4 paras, but all they would bring to the table is tactics shouts and a few low-cost or adrenaline based, not very important para shouts. I think A/Ps might actually come close to mimicking a para. They have more energy regen and can gain a little energy through CS (maybe they take critical eye and GFtEs). I know people have used "critical spear chuckers" before, I can't believe I never thought to try one as a true para.

    I think two Soldier's Stance "tanks" that we can use blazing finale on and then 6 spear'ers in the back. The high block rate of the warriors may drastically reduce the healing I would need as well. Maybe 2 half motigons is enough.

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    Why not add a Smite/Orders Mo/N or N/Mo? Strength and Honor on the paras + The Various Orders (Pain/Fury) would add considerable damage.

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    Because that isn't the purpose of a full physical team.

    We all know adding some caster aoe/buffs would empower it greatly and be much more efficient. That however defeats the purpose of going full physical with your teambuild, which you do for the entertainment value in it being different and you doing it because you can.

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