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Thread: The XM Thread

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    The XM Thread

    Lately me and a few freinds from BaR and beond have been using a mode of team formation that i used to do everything with back in my old guild. The new mode is called XM or Xtreme Mode.

    This basically consists of the following steps:

    1. Find a mission, dungeon or other elite area of interest
    2. Tailor builds to fit the needs for that area
    3. Complete that area with as few people as possible

    Ideally the goal is to have fun and to complete content as fast as possible with as few people as possible and minimize the: time for completion*characters participating number.

    To do this its nessesary to skim away all excess fat on the team builds and be carefull about what characters to bring. This usually involves using only one monk and few but powerfull characters or interesting complex team setups.

    This thread is made to accomodate communication between XM teams and discuss the different team setups and discuss time of action.

    The next endavour i suggest would be doing The deep with as few people as possible. This number would be 6 since there is 5 pads on which to stand in order for 1 person to get across and teleport res the others across.

    So this means we have to tailor 6 builds to fit the needs for completing this dungoen as fast as possible.

    People interested in joining and/or have ideas to make good fast builds for this mission can post here:

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    Walkthrough of the deep moved to www.dft.ba/-XMLibrary
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    Awesome idea! Loving it :)

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    Walkthough of urgoz moved to www.dft.ba/-XMLibrary
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    Another powerfull asset for the deep would be a necromancer:

    Spitefull Spirit [Elite]
    Reckless Haste
    Enfeebling Blood / Veratas Gaze / Veratas Aura
    Ebon Vanguard Assassin
    Mark of Pain
    Animate Bone Minions
    Animate Shambling Horror
    Death Nova

    Something like this or similar would provide the following:

    1. Up to 7 exploding minions to spread damage explode and take up accro. Minions also serve as an energy battery since both animate bone minions and animate shambling horror will net you two minions that, when they die, will provide energy via soul reaping, and net you 20 energy for the cost of 15.
    2. Spitefull spirit will provide powerfull AOE damage with the large amount of fast attacking Assassins in the Deep, furthermore Reckless haste will make the allready fast attacking assassins who in HM will attack even faster, attack even faster while diminishing their damage. This will provide even more damage especially against cluustered foes.
    3. Mark of pain will provide alot of damage when used with ebon vanguard assassin, if the ritualist packs splinter weapon instead of Great Dwarf Weapon this damage will be dramatically enhanced against clustered foes.

    4a. Veratas gaze or Aura will allow the necromancer to take over the enemy Flesh golems which can give the team a big advantage when facing the Outcasts.
    4b. Enfeebling Blood will spread AOE weakness and greatly reduce the amount of damage that the team will take from all the powerfull melee foes while also providing a condition to fuel the assassins energy management through the use of Malcious Strike.
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    And of course the team would need a monk:

    Gift of Health / Dwanyas Kiss
    Remove Hex / Cure Hex
    Dismiss Condition
    Shield of absorbtion
    Seed of Life
    Protective Spirit
    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Unyielding Aura [Elite]

    Something like this or similar:

    1. Unyielding Aura or Rebirth is needed to cross the barrier in the second room. Unyielding aura also provides the ultimate ressurection skill for teh room where no spells are allowed as it can be cast before entering the room.
    2. Unyielding Aura, while restraining your energy somewhat, provides a powerfull boost in healing, making dismiss condition, cure hex, gift of health, or dwanyas kiss extremely powerfull heals.
    3. Protective spirit and shield of absorbtion is enough to make anyone immortal for hte duration of the spells and are especially good to use on the tank.

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    This is absolutely brilliant Aoi, count me in! Maybe we should give this a go over the Holiday period.

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    XM rules:p, took us a while to finish Arborstone (first tries were 3 rits + 1 monk, with that we got really close (failed at the very end on one occassion), the final victory run was 3 rits, 1 ranger and 1 monk. We also got the Zbounty (t-rex boss) after some random aggro and DP removers we steamrolled him.

    Unfortunately failed at Gates of Madness due to double aggro at Shiro/Lich

    Xtreme amount of fun (at least for, when you don't count the general "Z, you suck" stuff:p) and certainly got me interested in the game again!

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    XM is pretty fun yea, it takes some practise to get used to but when people beocme used to it and used to working together things speed up pretty quickly. Its a great way to build teamwork and it helps train general GW skills. The only downside with XM is that when you join pugs that fail you cant help to facepalm when people fail 12man areas that you have completed with 6 or fewer people.

    With respect to The Deep we will also have to consider teh initial 3:3 split and take the area effects into account. The first room counters block and would therefore not be the best room for the assassin whose primary defence is critical defences. The second room diminish healing and would therefore need the monk most since self heals would be sufficient in the first room.

    with 4 characters pretty much set in stone i suggest a split somewhat like this:

    First room (No Blocking):
    SOS Rit

    Second Room (20% Less healing)

    There is still 2 spots left on the team and i suggest that at least one of them is a Panic mesmer. The last spot could be a paragon (Fallback is very usefull in the Flee room) or an Ele or another necromancer or something entirely different. Somethign supportive would probably be great for the first room (No block room) and the panic mesmer for the second one (less healing).

    Thoughts on builds or ideas are welcome

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    For the Panic Mesmer i suggest somewhat the following skills:

    Wastrels Worry
    Unnatural Signet

    Splinter Weapon
    Ancestors Rage
    Flesh of My Flesh

    This is pretty much just an idea but the argumentation is as follows:

    1. Splinter Weapon and ancestors rage are powerfull AOE skills even for modest investment in Channeling and can support the Assassin in killing faster.
    2. Flesh of My Flesh is a good res that has advantage from fastcasting.
    3. Unnatural signet is a cheap high damage skill that is usable in the room where no spells are allowed.

    Another alternative provided the Ritualist brings Splinter weapon could be to use smiting something like:

    Strength of Honor
    Smite Hex
    Castagnation Signet

    Could also work, the advantage being the aid in hex removal for the monk to keep the assassin frontliner free off hexes like blurred vision and spirit shackles wile providing some AOE damage which would be doubled against the enemy flesh golems provided that the necromancer havent taken them over allready.

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