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Thread: The XM Thread

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    Get well Moony!

    I have to get up really early tomorrow so no GW XM fun time for me. Sorry about this late notification but didn't know about it until just now :(

    Have fun

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    After trying out playing today for a longer period of time today I must admit defeat. My shoulder surgery I had on Thursday is taking its toll so unfortunately I won't be able to play XM tonight. If the shoulder heals the way it should then I should be ready for next weekend.

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    I'm not going to make it tonight. Too tired and grumpy and I don't want to inflict a grumpy Death Monger on you (not a pleasant experience). I hope you will have fun.

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    Have to cancel as well, as I'm not feeling well :(, recovering from a cold that kept me deprived from sleep for the last couple of days...

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    Not sure about tonight, will be home relatively late from my BF and another cold has started :S...Darn it!

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    I miss you Z :(

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    I miss you all as well :(

    I don't think I can make it at all tonight. Cold has gotten worse and will not be home before midnight.

    Any chance we could XM on Monday or Thursday evening this week??

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    I can either monday or tuesday but not both

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    I'll be online tonight and we'll see if we can do something :)

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