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Thread: The XM Thread

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    It probably depends on my plans for wednesdayevening. If the weather is nice I kinda want to go and play tennis again (it's been well over 2 months). Thursday should be doable for me.

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    sorry for not having been around - have had lots of work and a flu. Should be back now. I can do Thursday as long as it doesn't get too late.

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    The Ranger bar that Sab has in mind could just work. It has less physical armor than the Sin, but it does have more utility: It has more constant kd's, AoE blinds (for those Wolves) and a block that's not an enchant (which means less insta-deaths vs Wardens, but they'll still nuke all my enchants unfortunately)

    Tonight we'll see what happens probably!

    Btw, I was talking to one of my old guildies and she might be interested to join BaR and XM^-^, she loves playing her Mesmer, which would be very handy I think.

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    That sounds great!

    Moony if you see this then please log on tonight, we plan to go at around 20.00 GMT as that is teh earliest DM can get on.

    I outfitted Ranever and she should be able to take on tanking:

    Armor: vs Physical: 87, vs elemental: 100

    Crude Swing
    Whirlwind Attack
    Earth Shaker
    Belly Smash
    On Your Knees
    Lightning Reflexes
    Dwarven Stability

    I can keep up LR without DS but in case i need more than 11 seconds to get in position i think its wise to keep it. As long as im constantly attacking i wont need DS to keep up LR which means that i can tank even if its shattered. AOE blind should help against wolves and rangers hitting you guys. On the downside i dont have DW or enchant removal and much less cripple than on the sin bar.

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    With the changes to the Derv's, you pretty much lost the DW ability anyway^-^, cripples are handy, but if done right, the Blinds could just help a lot more against for example the Wolves. (YMLAD + Belly Smash instablinds probably the entire mob, to give us time to move in)

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    That is what i thought aswell. Never the less im going to miss disenchants, we will be needing moony for that i guess^^.

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    I am really sorry about this but I won't be able to make it tonight. The trains around London have been in an absolute mess today so I won't be home until 21.30 GMT. At that point I am too tired to have any fun with GW. Sorry

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    I know how you feel mate, the trains here have some major issues as well every now and then (as soon as it starts to snow...or autumn starts (and falling leaves cover the tracks, it becomes a giant mess). Thanks for letting us know and we hope that you can make it home and relax a bit! There is always another time for XM.

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    Here to hoping that everyone can make it online for tonight, its been a month since we did some XMing!

    Hope to see you all tonight


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    I'll be in slightly earlier then usual, as I'm already home^-^, but need to watch tv first, then quickly finish an assignment (no biggie, shouldn't take long).

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