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Thread: The XM Thread

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    I've been thinking about the last character and here is a suggestion:


    You Move Like a Dwarf
    Holy Spear
    Anthem of Envy
    Save Yourselves
    Fall Back
    There is Nothing To Fear
    Soldiers Fury [Elite]

    The argumentation is as follows:

    1. Save Yourselves and TnTF will help the monk cope with the pressure and provide some healing when splitting int he first room.
    2. Fallback will greatly reduce the amount of AOE healing needed in the flee room and save the monk alot of energy. In the first room it will provide some healing to the damage that isnt soaked up by spirits, or SY or TnTF or Reckless haste.
    3. YMLAD is needed since the Rit Necro Para team will need an on demand KD to kill their aspect, it also provides cripple for defence.
    4. Holy Spear will deal a great amount of AOE damage if the paragon uses it on the spirits in the first two rooms and the flesh golems in the third room and the scorpion room. Especially the golems will take double damage.
    5. Anthem of Envy will not only boost the Assassin frontliner when the two split teams meet up, it will also boost each and every spirit that the SOS rit has summuned since they all use attack skills it will provide a reasonably big damage boost. It is also a reasonably long lasting chant that can be used to keep soldiers fury active on the Paragon himself untill he decides to use holy spear, at which point he should have enough adrenaline to use the anthem again.
    6. Having a second physical means that the ritualist has a target to use GDW or splinter weapon on and therefore this skill will be usefull before the two split teams meet up, it will also provide more damage when the paragon and the necromancer synchronises Mark of Pain.

    Ideas for the last skills could be:

    Brace Yourself: Prevents one kd on a team member which would be especially usefull in the scorpion room and provide AOE damage when people are teleported turning the teleport into a considerable advantage.

    Bladeturn Refrain: Long lasting block that can not be removed and will provide blocking in the rooms where enchantments and spells are unavailable.

    Blasing Spear: Some extra damage.

    Protectors Defence: Will actively provide block to you and adjent allies, spirits included.
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    Damn, I'd love to play paragon one but unfortunately mine don't have those EoTN skills yet :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barinthus View Post
    Damn, I'd love to play paragon one but unfortunately mine don't have those EoTN skills yet :-/
    In that case you have something to do

    I call dibs on the monk of course.

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    By Closer inspection i think it would be apropriate to swap the mesmer and necromancer so that the necromancer with minions is on the team with no spirits.

    If i get the Bear Club quest done i can take the Assassin role since thatone is very vital.

    I can also fulfill the mesmer necromancer or ritualist role is anyone else can take the assassin role.

    When should we do it?

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    Perhaps somewhere during coming week? I can never play on the weekends, so basically sundayevening - thursdayevening work for me. However this week I cannot play on wednesday, so monday/tuesday/thursdayevening works for me:-)

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    Thursday evening works for me, im occupied monday and tuesday evening and im also occupied on newyears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aoi Enishi View Post
    Thursday evening works for me, im occupied monday and tuesday evening and im also occupied on newyears.
    What you are occupied New Years eve. That is outrageous

    I won't be able to join the fun until after New Years as I am participating in the Rift Closed Beta which runs from tonight until the 31/12 plus I have to work. I can most likely only run the Necro build you suggested Aoi as none of my others toons are far enough for the skills. I will try to improve on that though.

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    Friday = New Years Eve, not thursday:-)

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    I captured the Bear Club skill so i can fulfill the assassin role now. I tested it out and it works but i might have to tweak the attributes a bit, it is also a major setback to not have way of teh master on the build and it might be a better option to change Whirling charge and dwarven stability.

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    So ive been doing some testing with Archanum and to get the assassin build working the build looks as follows:

    Critical Strikes 14, Scythe Mastery 12
    You Move Like A Dwarf
    Wounding Strike
    Malcious Strike
    Club of a Thousand Bears
    Critical Defences
    Critical Agility
    Way of the Master

    Archanum Tested the monk bar as its pretty solid.

    The Necro and Mesmer bars are still rather fluffy but i suggest the following core of each build:

    Spiteful Spirit [Elite]
    Reckless Haste
    Mark of Pain
    Ebon Vanguard Assassin

    Panic [Elite]
    Wastrels Worry
    Wastrels Demise
    Unnatrural Signet

    If Claire aka CantThinkOfName is joining us would you be joining us on your Rit and would you be able to run the ritualist bar? If you have Great Dwarf Weapon then please let us know otherwise we roll with splinter weapon which also works great with Mark of Pain but is more energy intensive.

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