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Thread: The XM Thread

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    Here is a conversion table:


    It might be useful.

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    After last night i think its pretty obvious that we will need a mesmer so we dont keep taking in all the disenchants that kill our healing. Z was also choocking in hexes on his own so Shatter hex on the mes is definately needed.

    I think though that mirror of disenchantmnet will prove to be a better enchant removal than Inspired enchantment and Rending sweep is definately usefull and will be even more so when we get Moony on as mesmer.

    Im considering dropping one of my enchants for another defence skill that is not a spell and will therefore provide better defence in the areas with no enchants and spells. Im considering I Am Unstoppable (Also because the stupid KD area is really a pain in the...).

    We might also consider a heal on the monk that isnt quite as enchantment reliant as Dwanyas kiss.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    It was fun trying out some of the builds last night and I was quite impressed by how far we made it. I agree with Aoi mesmer is a must but I wouldn't be able to say which skills would be better as I have never really look much into mesmer (I guess that will be my afternoon reading).

    The necro build seemed to work great and I will update the thread with the latest revision.

    Hopefully we can organise a time for another attempt soon. I am certainly up for The Deep again.

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    List of builds

    The Deep (5 man team)

    Necromancer Build
    Ritualist build
    Assassin build
    Monk build
    Mesmer build

    The Deep (6 man team)

    Add a paragon with following build (not complete)
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    It wasn't just the hexes as I can mostly deal with those, but it's more the stream of damage that is also coming through because Panic isn't interrupting. Especially those Outcast Ele's deal a lot of damage if not properly handeled.

    Furthermore: I was a bit displeased about people dying in places where they shouldn't have been to begin with, it's hard enough for me as it is, so please don't go frontlining with your squishy caster armor:p

    As already stated: I kinda want a better heal somewhere, I'm relying on enchants to fuel Dismiss and Dwayna's, but in rooms with heavy enchant removers (or no enchants at all) my healing is absolutely sh*te...anyone have a 9th slot I could borrow xD

    And last but not least: that fricking teleport-KD thing is pure bs, I managed to get teleported after every single spell:S

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    Great idea with the build linking DM, my thoughts for changes are:

    Assassin Build: Rending Sweep instead of malicious strike, its pretty much a solid 3 enchants removed every 10 secs as long as i can hit the bastards and they are hexed (With panic or blood bond).

    Mesmer Build: Mirror of Disenchantment instead of revealed enchantment, there's way to many onis with Demonic agility for it to be useful casting time wise to remove them with inspired. Also in the no spells room the enemy assassins use critical agility which makes it impossible for the assassin or paragon to get any hits in. Death Pact signet as res instead of ressurection chant, we saw how important range is and DPact gives the monk a chance to defend himself when he got 1/3 of his energy after being ressed rather than a few measly %

    Paragon Build: Last skill should probably be a res either a paragon or secondary profession, i think last time we has We Shall Return! but in the few places where we actually needed it it turned out that Chris was dead or others ressed faster. Alternately we could put some more utility in the build.

    Monk Build: i know we might end up regretting this but...Gift of Health. I dont know how many points Z is putting in Healing Prayers and Divine Favor but the bar is pretty much a prot bar with some healing:

    Shield of absorption has breakpoint at 10, Gift of Health has a breakpoint at 11, and Divine Favor has Breakpoints at 3, 8, and 13 (Due to rounding). With +1+1 Divine Favor, +1 Protection and +1 Healing one could run: 11Prot, 11 Heal 13 DF.

    That way all break points are met and we get Gift of health that heals for 175 before DF and without being enchantment reliant. To get equivalent healing from Dwanyas Kiss you'd need 2-3 enchantments or hexes on your target which is doable on the tank (i hope to have at least 3 enchantments on at all times) but not on the other party members, especially not in no enchantment room or with heavy stripping. The Downside being that Cure hex is disabled for 6 seconds.
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    I could always switch Cure Hex for Remove Hex, which recharges faster. The only reason I chose Cure Hex was because of the massive heal it gives. But with GoH it might be better to take a different hex remover, either Remove Hex, or Deny Hexes (but that would only work if I renew UA every time I want to remove 2 hexes, which is a waste of energy.

    Also: Gift of Health is a 3/4 sec cast, while Dwayna's is 1 sec. On the other hand GoH recharges in 5, Dwayna's in 3. Both cannot be used on myself.

    I was already running the exact same attributes that you suggested in the previous post (guess I'm used to getting attributes right:p), but with different headgear. So I crafted a Divine Favor one (didn't have one of those) and slapped runes/insignia's on them.

    If we have a Mesmer around, Cure Hex might work better, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to try with Remove Hex. Unless anyone thinks Cure Hex is better (it has +4 seconds recharges compared to Remove Hex, heals for 96 base hp (not including DF and UA bonus) when it removes a hex, but will be disabled 6 seconds every time I use GoH.

    Also, for Claire: I finished the Labyrinthe gloves (dye and runes), so I'm all set;-)

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    Well never meet cover hexes in the deep so it will never be nessesary to remove 2 hexes at once. The disabeling of Cure could be bad but we do have mesmer to aid in hex removal. It was just a thought for a high hp heal that doesnt screw us over when we get disenchanted. Remove hex could be a decent alternative.

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    Walkthrough: (F=Frontline, M=Midline, B=Backline)

    Room 1:
    Split into 2 groups:

    Group 1: F: Assassin, M: Mesmer, B: Monk

    The Assassin tanks the two Ripper Carps and dispose of them easily. The team then lures the Irukandji out of range of the Aspect and dispose of them. When the team take out the Aspect, the Mesmer doesn't use Mirror of Disenchantment or Panic, instead the Assassin disenchants with Rending sweep and the Mesmer kills with Wastrels Worry/Demise.

    Group 2: F: Ritualist M: Necromancer, M: Paragon

    Ritualist wall up with spirits out of range of the Aspect but in range of the Irukandji and the Mantas and keeps up GDW on the Paragon. The Ritualist uses Signet of Binding when all foes are dead and a Restoration spirit is still alive, doing so lures the Aspect so be ready to fight him.

    The Paragon starts by focussing on the Ripper Carp and disposes of him quickly, then change focus to the Irukandji and use Holy Spear on their spirits, he uses Brace Yourself on the Ritualist and Necromancer as long as there's a Wanderlust spirit alive and heals via Fall Back and TNTF.

    The Necromancer lures by using YMLAD on the Ripper Carp and then uses Blood Bond on Mantas and Irukandji and Spiteful Spirit on the Ripper Carp after the Mantas have used their hex removal on Blood Bond. When fighting the Aspect he uses YMLAD to cripple and YMLAD and EVAS to knock down the Aspect and remove the immortality.

    Room 2: -3 Degeneration and Deep Wound.
    Both teams use same approach as in the previous room to take out patrolling groups. The only change is that the Mesmer uses Mirror of Disenchantment on Ripper Carps to remove Balthasars Aura when he sees the assassin taking continuous damage.

    Room 3: 50% Slow
    The two groups team up. The Assassin uses recall and the Paragon use Fallback! so that the Assassin can move faster and turn off the fire flower and teleport back. The team then lures the Leviathan groups and takes out the Leviathan rangers afterwards. When the room is clear and the Aspect is dead, each team member stands on a pad. The Assassin use recall on the Necromancer and stands on the central pad. Necromancer goes through the open gate and Assassin cancels recall, and the team meets up at the gate.

    F: The Assassin tanks the Leviathans without Critical Defences, to avoid their mass knock down against blocking foes, instead he is protected by the Monk.

    M: Paragon, Ritualist: The Ritualist keeps up spirit wall and uses GDW on Paragon and Assassin. Paragon use protective shouts (Fall Back).

    B: The Mesmer and The Necromancer hexes all foes to death. The Mesmer Uses Shatter Hex whenever front or mid-liners are hexed with Illusion of Pain and are in range of melee foes. The Monk keeps the team alive and removes hexes from the back-liners.

    Room 4: -10 energy and damage every 30 secs.
    First the Assassin lures the first group of Outcasts back to the gate and the team dispose of it. The the Necromancer hides in the corner and let the Assassin trigger the Nightmare group that spawns in room 2 and kills the other team members on the wrong side of the gate. The Necromancer uses Rebirth to teleport the dead team members across the gate.

    The team then takes out the Nightmare Spawn. The Ritualist front-lines and uses up all his energy on Painful Bond when charging the Nightmares so that the Energy Burn spike on him is small, no one in the team is allowed to have caster weapons when fighting Nightmares. When the Nightmares are dead the team proceeds with Room 3.

    F: The Ritualist front-lines with spirits and keeps GDW on the Paragon.

    M: Assassin and Paragon stay back and focus on keeping Flesh Golems occupied. The Paragon uses Brace Yourself on hexed allies, especially the Ritualist, when possible to prevent knock downs from Gust and use Holy Spear on Flesh Golems

    B: The Mesmer removed Blurred Vision with Shatter Hex whenever the Assassin is hexed and keeps Panic on Enemy Elementalists and Necromancers, he focusses mainly on Necromancers and use Complicate to interrupt Chilblains to keep team enchantments intact. The Necromancer focuses on enemy casters especially Elementalists, and uses YMLAD to interrupt Maelstrome. The Monk keeps the team alive and removes Blurred Vision from the Paragon.

    Room 5: No Spells
    This room doesn't allow spells, the Monk, Mesmer and Necromancer stays at the gate out of this effect. The Ritualist walls up spirits in front of them. The Assassin stays out of the room, ready to put up enchantments before tanking. The Paragon goes into the room and lures the patrolling groups, and use Fallback! to escape if necessary, be sure to stay close to the wall so you don't get spiked by the Rangers. After the patrolling groups are taken care of, the Necromancer, Assassin, Ritualist and Mesmer goes in, stays close to wall and kills rangers with spirits YMLAD and Unnatural Signet. The Ritualist takes over their spirits with Binding and walls up spirits when the team takes on the Aspect. The Paragon and Monk follows after the rangers have been taken out and the paragon uses shouts to protect when taking out the Aspect.

    F: The Assassin and Ritualist front-lines with spirits and the Assassin tanks. The Ritualist uses Signet of Binding on enemy Ritualist's Displacement Spirits whenever possible.

    M: The Paragon, focus mainly on enemy back-line Ritualists and use Holy Spear on their Displacement spirits.

    B: The Mesmer uses Mirror of disenchantment to get rit of Critical Defences on the assassins. Both the Mesmer and Necromancer hex the enemy warriors and assassins to death quickly. The Monk keeps the team alive.

    Room 6: No Enchantments
    This room has Reborn Irukandji that uses disenchantment and re-spawns with certain intervals, ignore the Irukandji as they provide a way for the Assassin to keep up Critical Agility and Critical Defences between Oni groups, but the Ritualist converts Spirit of Disenchantment whenever possible. The team keeps to the left wall and are careful not to awaken the Leviathan in the middle. Oni popups is the only threat.

    F: The Assassin and Ritualist front-lines with spirits. The Ritualist keeps up GDW on the Assassin and Paragon.

    M: The Mesmer, Paragon and Necromancer. The Mesmer uses Mirror of Disenchantment to remove Demonic Agility and Panic to interrupt their teleports. The Necromancer hexes them to death and the Paragon chucks spears and keeps up shouts as they are the only defence.

    B: The Monk keeps the team alive.

    Room 7: Teleport and KD to nearest enemy every 10 secs.
    When facing Onis the team lures them to the edge of the room and uses the same approach as in the previous room to kill them. When facing Outcasts the team has to go into the room and uses the following setup that looks like the previous one:

    F: The Ritualist and the Mesmer. The Mesmer puts up Panic as the first thing when encountering a group, he focusses on enemy Necromancers and interrupts Chilblains with Complicate whenever possible. The Ritualist front-lines with spirits for defence and keeps GDW on the Paragon.

    M: The Assassin, Necromancer, Paragon. The Assassin focuses on Flesh Golems, the Paragon uses Brace Yourself on the Ritualist and the Mesmer when possible and focuses on Flesh Golems with Holy Spear. The Necromancer focuses on Elementalists as previously.

    B: Monk, keeps team alive

    Room 8: 25 Damage per second when moving and move 10% faster.
    The team goes in and hides in a corner of the room before the the bridge bunching up like crazy to avoid moving and to force enemies to bunch and take maximum damage from AOE hexes, The Ritualist spawns spirits as a wall close around them. Fight normally and don't move. After the initial spawns the group moves on and dispose of Oni pop-ups as usual (Same approach as in the No Enchantment room).

    Room 9: Take 50 Damage when your energy hits 0:
    This room almost only has Sapping nightmares with Energy Denial, no one is allowed to have any Caster Weapons in this room (No Staves or Wands). The Mesmer should use complicate on Spirit shackles to prevent them from shutting down the Assassin and Paragon and Panic to interrupt their Energy Burn. Do not use enchantments in this room as the Nightmares used Feedback to strip enchantments and Drain Energy. If the team has no Enchantments, no Caster Weapons, and the Mesmer gets Spirit Shackles shut down with Complicate, the Nightmares only have Energy Burn as their only skill. The Assassin lures and bunches up the Nightmares in the corner of the entrance as he has the easiest way to regenerate energy fast (Critical Strikes) as soon as spirit shackles is shut off. The team can ignore the Aspect in this room.

    Room 10: Extra Degeneration and lots of Poison and Bleeding
    In this room there are a few Oni popups and a single Outcast patrol to take care of. There are two rows of flowers (Bleeding and Poison Flowers). The team takes the right route around and ignores this Aspect. The Assassin shuts off the flowers on the right and the Paragon shuts off the flowers on the Left.

    Room 11: 50 Damage every 3 seconds if you don't use a skill.
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    So when is the next go?

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