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    Trouble loading Guild Wars

    When I click on the game icon, the game starts to load as if it is updateing the game. When it gets to 100% a pop up box titled "Gw.exe" appears telling me that "A serious error has occured that prevents the program from continuing to run." It then prompts me to send a report to Arena Net. This game has always run perfectly on this computer before, is there something wrong with the game right now? If not, what steps can I take to resolve this problem?

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    - If you want to know if it's a global problem; check forums for people going crazy or try another computer

    - I'd begin with reinstalling the game though >.>

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    guild wars will simply not load on my pc anymore... whats going on? i need to buy a new pc

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    You might want to post the specs of your pc and copy of your dxdiag.

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